No happy answer

Of course she is using insulin! Ha ha!!! Both basal and bolus via a remote control device!

No, I meant that due to Autoimmune Type 1 Diabetes, her body attacked her pancreas. Her pancreas’s beta cells went kaput…therefore, her blood glucose numbers were well over 300 when she was dx’d. She had lost, perhaps 30 pounds and weighed only 110 on a 5’ 7" frame.

Because she was older, her PCP assumed she was a T2 and put her on Metformin first which did absolutely nothing and she was REALLY sick by the time she ended up at the ER, they admitted her and she was put on insulin…17 yrs ago.

She MAKES no insulin. She NEEDS exogenous insulin to stay alive or…like my great grandmother in Russia before it was invented…she dies. Over and out.

I was lucky. At the age of 40, I left the restaurant business and started practicing Judaism (my birth religion). I had built my reputation on dishes like lobster bisque, oysters marinated in lime and dill; fettucine with pancetta, beef tenderloin with a malt scotch butter sauce. They all became forbidden and I haven’t eaten them since. I still think of them fondly and am happy that I was able to enjoy some spectacular meals before that change of life but that was then. Seventeen years later, I was diagnosed with T1 and the list of things I don’t eat has grown longer. But I’ve had a lot of practice at saying no to myself and while I might long for the past, I don’t suffer for it.