No More SF Peter Pan Peanut Butter - BooHoo

I’m sad - one of my favorite treats is no more. This was the response I got to my inquiry to

Dear Mrs. Butler,
Thank you for contacting us. We are always pleased to hear from our consumers but are sorry to inform you that we no longer produce Peter Pan® Creamy No Sugar Added Peanut Butter.
As consumers’ preferences for products change, so do the varieties of our products. Only the products with the greatest consumer appeal remain on the store shelves over time. Unfortunately, this product did not have enough consumer interest for us to continue manufacturing it.
We do offer a Whipped Peanut Butter which contains 2 grams of sugar, 150 calories and 105 mg of sodium per serving. Our No Sugar Added variety was 2 grams of sugar, 200 calories and 150 mg of sodium per serving.
We welcome you to try our many other products available.

Consumer Affairs
Ref: 052541066A

How about a campaign to save it!!!???

yes, let’s do a campaign! I loved their peanut butter :slight_smile:

Their email address is:

They wrote me back again, pushing the whipped, with this comparison:

Peter Pan Whipped Creamy Peanut Butter 13oz UPC# 4530000510 has 5g of carbs per serving
Peter Pan Peanut Spread No Sugar Added Creamy 12oz 4530000041, 18oz 4530000006 had 4g of carbs per serving
Peter Pan Peanut Spread No Sugar Added Crunchy Very Low Sodium Crunchy 4530000005 had 5g of carbs per serving

So, I guess 1 carb difference isn’t a big deal - but I have no idea how the “whipped” will taste or what process they used to whip it…guess I’m naturally curious (or suspicious, or both!). I still think we should write them - bring the power of numbers to bear (even if it’s just a small victory we’re after)

Hahahahahaha…you got me!! Cracked me up.

My husband worked for Conagra and he tells me that it’s just air in the whipped. They also now have one of the cleanest production standards.

Excellent to know, Marie - thanks. I guess I’ll have to try the whipped.

Thank you Marie! I will also try the whipped before I write them a letter :slight_smile:

IMO it’s an insignificant difference… their regular PB is only 7g carbs per serving. Just use less :slight_smile:

my advise is to buy natural peanut butter. The only ingredients is peanuts. I buy mine at Trader Joes. I prefer natural raw almond butter.

Yeah, you’re right - now would be a good time to make the switch. I don’t eat that much of it, but natural would be better.

My husband likes the Smucker’s Brand of Natural Peanut Butter. You may try that. I also like going to a health food store and grinding my own butter. I have found the Cashew Butter to be addictive.

You need to check the labels. Some of the “natural” peanut butters have added sugar. I was buying some to make homemade dog treats and noticed that most of the recognized name brands add suger to their natural PB.

i’m not into peanut butter but, the whipped peanut butter seems to be a better deal , so much better for you . my doctor wants me to eat some peanut butter every night before bed for the protein i guess