No more sleep interruptions!

Good news, folks–I got the word from the clinic today that Eric’s numbers look good enough that we can drop the middle-of-the-night checks. I’m told I need only check him once a week, and can taper off to once a month. Considering how much I’ve been battling insomnia because of those checks (I get up at 3, can’t get back to sleep, am wiped out by noontime), this is EXCELLENT news.

The best part about it is that I can look forward to being a lot less crazed with anxiety. True confession time: I’ve been a little bit, uh, wiggy. Case in point: in the wee hours of Saturday morning, I fired an email off to my endo’s office because I found an expiration date on the bottle of diluted Novolog he’d given me at the hospital that said it should be discarded after 10/10/08. I was ready to commit mayhem because I thought the hospital pharmacy had offered me bad insulin… only to find out when the poor man got the message on Monday that is was the DILUENT that was expired–which meant nothing, since saline never goes bad–and there was nothing at all wrong with the insulin. Boy did I feel silly. Especially since I vaguely recalled the endo telling me something to that effect in the hospital. Although, in my own defense, how on earth could anyone expect me to remember anything I’d been told in the hospital?? It’s not like I could hear past the roar of dread and panic.

Congrat’s!!! I hope you and Eric can get some sleep now:) I hope all continue’s to go well.

If you have any concern you have the right to check it with your doctor.You have lots to do,how any one can remember all instructions given…