The importance of being Eric

I am happy to report (after re-reading my Jan 25th post) that we’ve had a full month now of stability - and decent sleep! The extreme highs and lows have become occasional nuisances rather than daily frustrations, and Eric has been stable at night now for no less than six weeks. He hasn’t woken up fussing from a low even once, and there’s been only a handful of serious highs (crimped sites, each time), so my worrier’s mind is finally starting to settle enough that I can sleep through the night without concern. A miracle!

I know this time of tranquility is destined to last only till the next respiratory disease and/or growth spurt, but I'm going to revel in it as long as possible. It's so nice when Eric can just be Eric, and I can focus on being Eric's Mom without having that one part of my brain that's devoted to diabetes management working... wondering how much insulin he's got still to process, whether I calculated the carbs right on his last meal or snack, and so on. Eric, of course, takes all of it in stride, even the lows. He might cry or fuss, but he comes to me with this bad feeling, gets his juice, and a minute later it's like it never happened. I love this kid!

He's got a mind of his own, though. Lately I've been hearing a lot of, "Mommy, DON' DO DAT!" or "Mommy, I'm NOT GOING", or even, "Mommy, SHU' UP!" (that generally earns him an immediate time out, of course).

I’m SOOO glad to read that you are sleeping better … and that Eric’s blood sugars have been more stable.

What infusion set are you using?

Eric has a good mommy.

Parents of diabetic children are heaven sent for sure, along with their children. I am glad you and Eric are doing better.

So glad to hear this Elizabeth! Aren’t the good nights of sleep wonderful? :slight_smile:

What a good boy & what a great mom! Eric is precious.

Yay for sleep & good numbers. Wishing both last for a very long time.

…so of course, I had a rough night tonight! I should know better than to jinx myself with statements about how well we’re doing.