No more wasted dollars on ugly messy tape!

Just got these in my latest order of supplies! I'm excited, I've never used IV3000 outside of a hospital setting

Specially designed for Infusion Sets, if you've been cutting your IV3000 look for this product!

No more ugly tape jobs! I know, I know, I'm the ugliest most wasteful taper ever!

No need for cutting perfect little hole for the infusion set!

Much Better!

It even works with the Dexcom! Although I DID have to cut the hole bigger for this one!

Anyway, I hope this helps anyone who has problems with their sites coming off. I think this is going to be WAY better than tape!

i never had any problems with quick set
it stays put
but i have some IV3000 for just in case

I've literally had an Inset infusion set, pull out an hour after putting it on.

The one in the picture is an UltraFlex, they seem to stick a bit better.

I haven't tried any of the Medtronic sets yet.

Update: I think I'm allergic to them... sadly. I broke out, around the edge of my infusion set IV3000. Funny thing though, and why I'm not too sure, this is the 4th one I've used, and the only one that I broke out on.

Its on my belly, and the other were on my love handle and my arm, so maybe my belly is more sensitive than the other spots? I'd think that love handles in the pics up there would have been the most sensitive.

Anyway, I'm still wearing the IV3000 on my arm with my dex, but took it off my infusion site yesterday, after I noticed the redness.

Going to give it another shot, on the opposite side of my belly next time. To see if it wasn't just a random thing.