No Trend Line on G6 App

I started a new sensor today, and I still have no trend line showing on my iPhone. This has never happened before. I see the trend line when I turn my phone to a horizontal position, but when I hold it in my hand in a vertical position, all I see is the circled number with a horizontal little arrow next to it. This has never happened before. Number changes but no line. I looked on Dexcom site, and it says this may happen with insertion of new sensor and need for more glucose values to establish the trend, but it has been a few hours and again trend line is seen when phone is turned to horizontal position. Anyone have any ideas or fixes? Thanks.

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Trend line just showed up so it’s hopefully fixed. :sunglasses:


This happened to me too. I got a warning to expect some bugs associated with the new iphone update when it came through. It came through. My sensor fell off so I’m hoping it has remedied itself like yours did.

Test your BG with a meter snd calibrate