Non Diabetic experiment with pasta

I am type 1 and sometimes I hit 160 after a meal and think that is too high and I am down on myself for having that dinner. However I tested a thin non diabetic after a hugh pasta meal and at 45mins they were at 162. Quite surprising. I didn’t think they got that high. At 1.5 hours they were 130. Makes me feel better sometimes hitting 160.

Well, even non-diabetics have a rise in blood sugar. Below is a graph of how non-diabetics respond to an OGTT which corresponds to ingesting 75g of carbs ( A “Hugh” pasta meal might be 200 g of carbs, so your non diabetic accomplice had a normal response.

You shouldn't feel at all bad about hitting 160 as long as you come back down and don't stay there.

I no longer eat pasta or rice. I substitute both with Tofu Shirataki. Recently, I was able to stock up on it: 99cents for 8oz packages (2 servings/3g carbs, 0.5g fat, 15 g sodium, 2 g fiber, 1 g protein) of House Foods brand.