Non diabetics who knows more than you do

So recently I have been trying to get this weight thing under control but its really hard so I asked some one I know about their diet plan. A non diabetic. I am not interested in joining anything or buying food other than from a grocery store but I am interested in learning maybe a different way to eat what I eat. So I asked and she spent the whole time trying to convince me that I need to speak to her diet company becuz they could probably get me off insulin...I know....needless to say thats when i knew this was going to be a challenge...her theory was there is always a way to fix something through diet...It was so frustrating becuz I was trying to educate her on what Type 1 is and she just knew I was just being stubborn. She kept talking about taking less insulin and i was like no im good i dont need help that. My diabetes is fine i just want to lose weight. She didnt get it, in her mind food, fat and diabetes are all the same. I tried to explan not necessarly in type1 becuz everything effects BG not just food... She was all did you know the pancreas is the only organ that rejuvenates itself and I was all that's the liver...deep sigh...its sooooo annoying and sad that people are just not receptive when you try to tell them about something you are going through every second of your life becuz they just know its different. I am big on eating healthy but not everything can be cured through eating a salad.

Let this be a reason why I don't share too much with non diabetics becuz they just don't get it...its like if I could be cured with diet don't u think I would ve heard of that by now...No one wants to live off insulin and all its lovely splender. As if I like just like to have my body malfunctioned on purpose...

In a certain sense, I've lost weight taking **less** insulin b/c when I eat less carbs, I take less insulin although the ratio stays the same, the volume isn't there, if that makes sense. I've lost quite a bit of weight, although not a lot for a while (other than +5/-5 lb cycles for a while now).

I am the only T1 that I know in real life so I go through the same things all the time. I'm glad I am not the only one, lol

Thank you, I will look into Weight Watchers.

I eat pretty low carb now, if I get any lower I wont eat am however thinking of trying the glueten free diet. As I know many T1's also have a glueten issue, maybe that will work. I found that its really my body and not what I eat that will give me high BG. Like my early morning numbers, if its hot outside, if I am stressed, if its that time of the month or if I am sick...

I'm struggling with the weight issue myself right now. I thought I could listen to what other people say/"preach"/sell, but turns out I'm going to have to do what makes the most sense and gets the best results for me.

I definitely don't think there's a cure for diabetes through diet, but it's definitely a lot more manageable if you eat a REAL healthy diet (as opposed to fake healthy like Slim Fast or supposed "low fat" stuff that is high in sugar). I'm kind of combining the ideas from several diets into my own, mixing in insulin and seeing what results.

You might not want to go completely raw food/paleo diet, but maybe something like drastically cutting back the processed foods you eat will help. That was my first step, along with drinking plenty of water (and only water) throughout the day. It's not made my diabetes control perfect yet--hey, we're all imperfect humans, and even if we WERE perfect? Diabetes will still randomly do stupid things that make us crazy.

So there you go. My 2 cents!

Thanks for your 2 cents! lol

I eat pretty well, only cheating once in a while like every couple of months. I have maintained a healthy diet through making substitutes apart of my everyday life. I hardly eat process foods anymore, not completely free however but I try not to often. And now I really dont miss the real bad things, well not all the time anyways, lol...but its like you said you have to find what best fits your body. That is why there are so many diet options out there because they do not all work for everybody.

You know, if you go to a Chiropractor regularly and drink this magic Accaiberry Juice, but not any accai, it has to be through this one distributor, you can live a disease and sickness free life until you are 130 years old?

Seriously though, I find that if I eat less at a time, and fewer complex carbs (like potatoes) that my sugars won't spike nearly as much. I used to eat a 120gram carb breakfast every day, and take about 100units or more a day. I cut back on the breakfast carbs a little, and snack a lot, and took up biking and running, and now take much less insulin and am in much better shape.

Unfortunately I've gained weight through all this. And every winter when the exercise is no longer as easy, I gain more. Now I'm only talking about 20 pounds, but I've never been this heavy before. But at least I feel healthier.

I also found that using a CGM helped me identify times when my sugar would spike or crash. When it works. Last night it didn't. it said 80bg/ml, I think it was more like 40 and falling. I ate 3 big oatmeal raisin cookies, then passed out (on the floor in front of the pantry where I was sitting to eat the cookies) for an hour. it was 3am, so I'm glad I was able to get those cookies down when I did. Not sure if I was just tired or passed out from a low sugar, but I eventually woke up and got back to bed.

Yeah, I hate that. I try to explain to people like this that Type 1s DIED pretty quickly before the discovery of insulin because we produce NO INSULIN and the human body needs insulin to survive (not just break down food). If they continue with ignorant statements, I ask them where they went to medical school. That usually shuts down the conversation pretty fast.

Regarding losing weight with T1 - it's hard, but not impossible. For me, I have to increase my physical activity level, and this seems to have even more of an impact for me than cutting carbs. I'm not exactly sure why, but this is what I've found.

LOL! My great grandmother lived to be 109 by eating all the bad stuff, lol...she passed in 2009. The difference is her bad stuff growing up was still pure, ours is so manufactured its impossible to know whats in it...But i do try to eat really healthy, I stay clear of anything like potatoes and breads. Most of my insulin usage is due to just my body, not to cover what I ate so not sure what to do then but hey my A1c is 7 so I'm not complaining too

lol...yeah, I am going to try to ask that next time. I exercise all the time but I was thinking maybe I need to step it up a notch.

Sounds like a used car salesman trying to convince you that his '85 Le Car isn’t a lemon…

Lol...I know right

My hubs claims this--as in "Well, Granny/Pa used to eat lard on everything and she/he lived to be __. A few extra cookies won't hurt me!" And I'm like, "That was 60 years ago! Nothing is the same now!" Gah! Men!

My boss at work that does not have diabetes of any kind told me I needed to go somewhere and learn about diabetes so they could teach me what to eat and not eat LOL
I said having type 1 diabetes taught me well what I should eat and not eat .

Diabetes Boot Camp?

U r soo right! I was warned when I got diagnosed tht ppl tht don’t have diabetes w put in their “uneducated stereotype” 2 cents. it can get very fustrating. my favorite thing is when ppl are eating ice cream around me tht don’t know me tht we’ll n say oh sry I shldnt b eating this around u. lol. I have replied do u know anything about type 1 diabetes n they usually make some lame excuse tht their co worker has “somthing like tht”. its a 24 hr 7 day a wk job. we dnt get breaks. lol

I have been told that

That was part of my conversation with this lady, she swears I could get cured or better if I get on a diet....It took all my willpower to stop myself from smacking

No we don't...wouldn't it be nice if we did