Non profit organization to donate supplies

Can anyone recommend a non profit that will accept insulin pumps and meters? I really would like it to go to someone that doesn’t have to pay for it. Thanks.

Try Insulin Pumpers. They give donated supplies to people lacking insurance. Address is on the web site. They’ll also send you a receipt for tax returns.

Thank you, I will check them out.

Charles Ray III is a great org that helps people in need

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Thank you @MarieB. I checked them out but they are for profit. I really want this Omnipod PDM and supplies to go to someone at no cost.

I’m confused. Charles Ray III is a 503© charitable organization. The IRS will not allow them to make a profit, they are a non-profit.

Now I am confused I could not find it anywhere on their website stating that they were Non Profit, 501C. I Did I miss it? I did find that they will sell the product at a reduced amount depending on financial ability to pay.

You are right, they don’t make it really clear. If you look on their facebook page they are more explicit that they are a 501©3 non-profit.

Weird that it is on their FB page but not their own website. On their FB page under General they say they will supply Pumps and supplies at a reduced cost?
I will continue investigating.

Also there is Insulin For Life:

Thanks Karen, I’ll check them out too.

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