Who will accept Tandem pumps, Dexcom CGM and supplies for both?

I recently saw a post that included that information but my searches can’t find it.

One of our members has died and her family is looking to donate her pumps, CGM and supplies. I know that TuD does not permit sale nor donations of these items but there was a site given that does. Please post that link again.

Here is old topic.

Another option is to contact your local ADA, diabetes camps, or ask endo if they would provide to others in need or as samples.

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Yes, there on online sites though I don’t know any of them. Another possibility is to donate locally. You could call up a local physician who treats people with diabetes and ask if they accept donations of pumps or of unopened, unexpired supplies.

Even if the practice you call does not accept them they might be able to forward you to a practice which does. :man_shrugging:

One final thought, you might consider calling the help line for the pump company and ask them how to donate a used pump.

Thank you for the suggestions. I wish to point out that these are all current, state of the art pumps, CGMs and unopened supplies. Forgot to mention that the offer also includes unexpired vial insulin that has been kept refrigerated.

Homeless shelters will take them if there is a nurse or a doctor on staff.
I have donated many supplies to a local homeless shelter here in Losangeles and they are grateful to get them, but only a nurse can accept them so sometimes you need to find out what day you can bring them