Non-traditional injection sites

Just curious as to where people may be giving their injections in non-traditional areas (other than the belly, arms, and thigs). Anyone on injections using somewhere non-traditional? Just looking foor other places to inject (like easy access).

some people inject on the top of their buttocks, or the lower back. Not very accessible though.
I guess you can inject in any place that’s meaty, but I never officially asked anyone.
I mean, what would happen if I injected in my breast? Maybe there isn’t enough blood flow there or something?

I was thinking of say - the forearms - back of the forearms. Just curious to see if anyone has injected there before and how their numbers were/reacted.

You need to inject into the subcutaneous (fat) layer. Most people have acceptable levels of body fat on their belly, upper arms, upper thighs, butt and back. If you are fairly lean, you are going to have more of a challenge. You may not be able to use your upper thighs, and using your upper arms may be a challenge. You can use your butt with a shallow needle, but you have to do it blind. If you are able to do your back, then you win a medal, but we demand a video in order to qualify. With practice, I am sure using some of these alternate sites get pretty easy. I’ve not learned to use anything besides my belly and I have ot pinch there. I did find a video from Dr. B that was very helpful ( He is quite lean and has good suggestions, particular with his technique for the upper arm. I’ve never gotten his techique to work tho. The other thing you also need to be alert for is that absorption at alternate sights can be very different and that extra care should be taken with basal to not accidently inject into muscle or veins.

Thanks for the ideas. As for being lean - not a problem for me there.

I use the top of the butt area. Tried arms–ouch!


I’ve had Diabetes for 48 years and I ended up with Lipoatrophy(dents) in my lower tummy and mid arms about 11 years ago. Probably because they were my favourite spots and I wasn’t rotating much. I don’t want that to happen again so I’ve had to find more places. With the syringe/pen there are tons of places to quickly inject.

Aside from the normal spots, I also inject on the sides of my thighs, up and down the thigh(even 4 " away from my knee), the top of my butt, on the back of my love handles, on the back of my thighs, all along just under my ribcage and on my shoulder pads.

My Hubby helps, if I need a shot in an awkward spot, when he’s around. I do not do marathons or do the treadmill soon after I give a shot in my thighs unless I want to bring my sugars down faster with the fast-acting. (I seriously can’t do marathons. =) )

I have a Canadian Friend who lives in Japan. She gives injections in her calves. Okay, that I won’t do since there is not even a thin layer of fat on my calves. Some Ladies give injections on the sides of their boobs. I won’t do that either. Ouchie!! I’m 124 lbs. A couple of these spots cause some pain but if it’s done fast then the pain disappears fast also. You must of course, be cautious and take notice of how a new injection spot affects you.

(If a Person injects too much on their butt, they will get Lipoatrophy there also. I’ve seen the photos on the net). Good Luck, it’s a long Life. :slight_smile:

haha. I know. I was just asking! :slight_smile:

i use my thighs a lot. I rotate within the 8 inches from the top of my thigh and from the inner inner thigh to the outside of the thigh. Even up to my hip bone and the hollow spot where the joints meet. I’m getting a lot of scar tissue on my thighs though and I can’t wear short shorts anymore. The bruises are too noticable and my thighs certainly aren’t as thin as they “should be” due to water weight from the scar tissue. Yuck. I’m wicked insecure about wearing a bathing suit bc of it, so I use the cover ups. My legs are wicked awesome from the 8 inches down, so I know it’s just bc of my stupid injection sites.

I have a lot lot of scar tissue on my stomach from the pump (when I was on it). Little raised bumps on both sides of my abs from where the catheters were (and that was over 3 YEARS ago!)

Long life indeed. Can’t wait to see what happens to my body after I’ve had those 4 kids that I want so badly. :slight_smile: Guess I gotta start getting beautiful on the INSIDE. haha.

Nah, I’m sure everything will be fine. I’m pretty happy.

(and I will not try the calves thing either. Gosh that sounds really painful! I have considered the boob though. Not sure what will happen with that concerning absorption)

I had a cde that was type1 and she wore her infusion site in her breast. but i wouldnt want to go there. she said anywhere you can pinch an inch you can inject. I personally think she was a quack.

haha! Yeah, some T1s are wicked whacked.

I wonder if there’s a difference in absorption in that area? I wouldn’t be wearing a pump there, but I would be injecting.

I want to do it… but… [in a little voice] … I’m scared. :frowning:

ok, I really did not want to comment on this, but I feel I have to. The breast is not the best place to inject. First, while there is certainly fat in breast tissue, it is not subcutaneous, if you can’t pinch an adequate layer right above and below your breasts (pinch an inch), then don’t expect to be inject subcutaneously in your breast. Now second. And this is important. If you inject in your breast and you introduce scar tissue, that can be a really bad thing. If your ducts get messed up you can have problems with mastitis (infection), cysts or even disrupt your ability to produce milk. If you really are consider this, do check carefully with medical experts.

ps. And I agree, your CDE does sound like a quack.
pps. And this advice probably is just as relevant to men too (except the milk part)!

mine are pretty veiny so i bet the would absorb faster given that they have alot of blood flow and mine bruise very easy. i dont think i’d try it. I figure we use the traditional sites for a reason… seems scary to inject in the boobies… ouch

For me … Lantus on my legs, Humalog on my arms and my entire abdominal and lower back region.

I’ve got some Lipoatrophy as well on my lower abdomen. There was a point when my endo told me to only inject on my abdomen, and for years I had two “sweet spots” that I rarely rotated from.

I’m curious…does the Lipoatrophy goes away after time?

And ladies, please don’t take insulin injections in your boobs. I don’t know why, but the idea is rather upsetting.

Happy Holidays you crazy betics :)!!!

haha… well, if there’s a place that i can “pinch an inch” it would be there! :slight_smile:
fine, fine. no boobs. sigh

My diabetic educator threw a fit when I said I sometimes injected in the thigh (usually don’t cuz can’t pinch enough fat). But she left a message on my phone saying that was “old school” and I should only inject in the stomach. I thought that was weird, what do you think?

I have injected and placed infusion sets and sensors in my arms, thighs and upper buttocks. I can not put sensors on my stomach, but also put infusion sets there if needed.

The first part of this thread made me laugh! Too funny! I’d never think of using my girls like that! I agree, ouch!

BSC- I actually have used my back area for an infusion site… I’ve got it in right now in fact… I did gymnastics so my shoulders are very flexible…