Normal but feeling low

How long will it take for the normals to stop feeling like lows? My sugar has only been in the “normal” range for almost a week. Like now. I am feeling shaky, sweating,etc. and my reading was 101. I seem to notice symptoms if it goes either way.

It honestly took me about 2 weeks when I was first dx and went from 200’s to low 90’s. If you have any questions about how your are feeling, I would get in touch with your doctor. I hope you feel better soon! :slight_smile:

Sometimes you are still on a downwards trend. When the meter says 101 you may be still going down which will make you feel bad.

Thanks, I go next week,so i’ll ask. I think my body’s so used to being so high it doesn’t know what normal feels like.

What Kathyann said. I think it depends a bit on how long you were experiencing highs and how high those were too. You’ll feel a lot better, overall, after the adjustment.

I actually stayed at that when i tested at the 2 hour mark.

I’ve been over 200 for probably at least a year. The last month I had times it wasn’t even registering on my meter and had to go to the ER for insulin. That’s when my doctor put me on insulin.

It took me 2 or 3 weeks. Part of it can also depend on how dramatic your spike are once your fasting is down to normal. For me, i went low carb pretty quickly after dx so once i was in range, my fasting 85-95 and postprandial was never above 140. i have heard from other folks though that they continue to have some lows feelings at normal range if they have big spikes postprandial. A lot will just vary on you and your body and how it reacts. give it a little time and let things settle in. For the time being, you might want to test 1 and 2 hour after your meals and get a sense for what your curve looks like with different foods and different meals (i’ll spike more after breakfast than lunch, even though i have fewer carbs at breakfast.) A big part of managing and controlling D is figuring out what your body is doing and how it reacts to food, exercise, heat, sickness etc. it takes time, and lots of testing and logging to figure it out, but its doable!

For me it took a little while, but my a1c at dx. was 13.8. They told me I was running high for a good while. Oh, Me dx.ed type 1, 2 years ago this aug. at 52.

Same here.

It took me give or take a week when I came back into range. I was feeling bad at 120 and shaky at 100…Its gotten a lot better since then. Hang in there though, it will get better. Congrats on getting the better control. The rewards are so worth the pains…

Thanks, I’m sure It’ll get better. I started out today with a fasting of 78 and after breakfast my 2 hour was 98 and that was without my novolog. I wanted to try and see what it would do without the med. (I did take the 1000 mg of metformin though, after I ate)