Is this Normal?

Ok, the last time, I told you I was testing in the 200’s and then you guys suggested I go to the doctor. Now I’m testing in the mid 100’s but I feel like crap. I was feeling normal testing in the 200’s now I’m getting better numbers but I feel crappy. What gives??? Has anyone else experienced this???

This is totally normal. Your body was used to running in the 200’s so when you get in the good range of 100’s you feel low. Stick with it and you will feel better in time and your A1C will improve as well!!! Best of Luck :slight_smile:

Your body is probably used to being in the 200’s most of the time so when it gets under 200 you will start to feel like you are low until your body adjusts to having blood sugars in the normal level. I know the other night I was running in the 200’s which I hadn’t been in 4 months and I could have swore to god my sugar was in the 500’s with the way I was feeling. Was going to bathroom every 5 min, was throwing up, tired, thirsty etc. All the classic signs of being way to high.

Yeah, when I was diagnosed, running 300-400 most of the time (A1C 12.7) and started getting numbers under control I did feel kind of strange sometimes. Body had adjusted to those numbers and I really didn’t realize that I was even sick. Now, with my numbers very rarely getting much over 120 or 125, even after meals, morning fasting levels usually between 95-110, (sometimes as low as mid 80’s) I feel so much better that it’s not even funny. Wish I would have been checked sooner. Glad I went to the Dr. I went to.

It takes a while for your body to feel normal - it’s used to the high numbers. But yes, when I started getting near normal numbers, I felt like a big bag of dirt. After a few days, I felt fine again. Stick with it, Ken!

Hi Ken,

I felt the same way when my bsl was coming down. felt like death. Now I’m use to normal levels I feel 100% better stick with it !!


Pretty much what everyone else has said. In my days of mismanagement, when I was letting my BG’s sit at 300, 400, 500+, if it dipped into the low 200’s, I’d start to feel low. Now that I manage my BG’s, I can feel highs in the low 200’s. It’s relative to what your body is used to, and your body will adapt if you give it time.

Echoing everyone else. For most of my life, 200s felt normal and I’d feel sick if I was up over 300 and low around 100. Now, even a 150 makes me feel high and nauseous because I’m so used to being in better control. I was 220 the other day and started vomiting! I don’t feel low until I’m below 70 now. It’s all about your body’s sense of homeostasis. Keep at it, Ken. You’re doing okay!

Yes, it was the meds. They upped the dosage and it took time to adjust to it. I feel a lot beter now.

@Sam - I have basically come to the same conclusion as you that maybe I should go vegan. I’ve been a meat eater all my life and this would be so frikkkin hard for me. I had Steak and Ale last night!!!

Howdy, Ken! I would like to add my two cents to this discussion, and add that moderation in all things is the best approach to diet and life in general. Too much or too little fat, or carbohydrate, or protein is equally bad. Try a little of everything for a week and avoid eating/snacking after 7 pm. A little italian, followed by chinese, then steak etc. Just find something that cuts hungerr. after that week, then start modifying your diet and check how it makes you feel. Every quarter you should have a lipid panel and A1C to see how it is working for you. The point is to find the “moderation” that works for you.

One more thing, I would suggest you talk to your doctor about adding a long acting insulin to your diet. Two months ago, my doc added glipizide to mine, but it depleted my Beta cells…one Dr. Pepper nearly killed me, so I quit it and added NPH. I take it at 10 pm and now it is rare for me to spike to 180+. My normal postprandial is about 140 - 150. I no longer experience a dawn effect. Also, I am clear headed and more energetic than I have ever been on glipizide. Oh, also, I am taking 1000mg metformin twice per day which helps, too.

best wishes

One more thing. 200 was my normal point 300+ made me sick and 120 made me feel low. now I feel fine at 120 and 200 makes me sick. I haven’t been down to 70’s since going on insulin.

be healthy AND happy

Hello! Thats probally because you were used to functioning at those blood sugar levels. Beleive me you will feel so much better when you can in your comfort and safe zone. Best of luck. diabeticidol94