Not eating that much "crap!"

I think that I am doing a bit better…kind of stopped eating too much food…decided to eat a whole lot less!

I had been eating at some places that was just way too too much food…I did not realize that it was also way too salty!!

I have been excercising in our hotel room to lower my high sugars…I kind of laugh at that…but, ya gotta do what ya gotta do!! I think that that is a “good thing” to do…know what I am saying?
Yesterday…I reconnected to family friends…two of whom who have diabetes type two, like me. One of them took a class on d iabetes…which I have not done…(by the way…if my typing is hard to read…sorry about that…I am tying on a small computer…and it is often hard to type on this thing…hubby does not want me to “crap up” his larger computer which I have done with three other ones of his! LOL!! I like to go to odd sites…and facebook, myspace etc…and he hates those sites!! Hence the “other computer”…I hope that I will eventually get a larger computer later!!)

Will write later…I have to leave now!!