Not sure how to feel

I almost could not believe my ears when i had the nurse call me from my doctors office A1c of 5.7. I had her repeat it several times because i could not digest it. I still am having trouble wrapping my brain around the fact that my A1c was so low. I don’t think i have had an A1c this low since i was in my early teens. I can’t thank everyone on here enough for all the support and advice. I was aiming for an A1c under 6.5 but did not expect this number. The funny thing is i always thought i would be excited if i was able to get it to this level. I just feel numb. I have been working really hard last two years to continually improve my A1c they started at, 6.8, 6.7, 6.7 6.5. 6.5. I am really happy that i have been able to handle the stress of being a college student and my diabetes better than i have in a long time. I even made college honor roll. hoping i can keep this up. Thanks to everyone here. You have made a huge difference in my life.

Wow!! Congratulations on a double Whammy. First your being on the Honour Roll(Excellent!) then your 5.7(another Excellent!). Very Good Work Tarra. You’re probably still in shock. :slight_smile: Looks like 2011 is your year.

Oh, that’s great!

Do you mind sharing your “secret of success”?

I’m under 7 for quite some time (again) now, but A1c’s with a 5 are beyond my imagination. That’s what I used to have at the beginning, in pre-teen years…

Latest one was 6.8, which is a bit depressing since I’ve been somewhere around 6.4 the times before.
It’s rather difficult to find any routine as every day is so different in my life as a student.

I graze through out the day. I dont usually eat larger amounts of carbs and if possible. If i do eat larger amounts of carbs i run only a few units at a time through my pump. Then run the remaining amount through. Blood sugars dont raise as much if i split the doses up. If i am over 120 i try to do small correction doses but only by injection not with the pump. I also can gage how im doing on my meter if my 30 day average is in the 90’s,

Congratulations Tarra! Well done =)

Congratulations Tarra…Its great to hear stories of success with hard work & determination. I definitely envy you and hope to reach those A1C levels one day.

Big Congrats!! Wow!! May I say “You are amazing”…(smile) Happy for you!!

Thank Robyn, Teena, Anne and Terrie.

Yay you!!! you rock chick!!! woohooo!!!

Thanks Karebear.

You should feel… joyful!! fantastic!!! wonderful!!! proud!!! achievement!!! thankful!!! etc.!!!

I’m so happy for you, and admire all your hard work on both counts! :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Even your previous A1cs have been good by my standards! My latest one has been 9.9! I am jealous!

Pat yourself on the back and have a celebration - not involving cake! You have done really well, I hope you have not had too many hypos! Long may it continue!

Awesome result Tarra!! Everyone here appreciates the hard work it takes to get a A1c like that on top of the busy life you lead…KUDOS :slight_smile:

Congrats!!! Stress of college and a low A1C, that’s a great job. I’m willing to wager quite a bit that your A1C is better than 1/2 of your “normal” classmates.

Thanks Sufu. Ant97gtr, latvianchick. Judith and Natalie. Im am feeling happier today about it just still shocked i acheived this result. Thanks for all the support. Im sure i would not be here without the support i get on here.

Congrats, Tarra ! You should be very proud of your self. Glad that we here at TuD had any part in helping you to achieve this goal.

Thanks Catlover. Tu community is great at motivating me to continue to work constantly on my diabetes. Just wish it was around when i was a teenager.

You rule! Way to go on that 5.7!! That is an extremely tight but impressive A1C number to be at, along with you’re stress of keeping you’re school grades up and dealing with all the other stresses, especially along with the hypoglycemic unawareness too. And that 5.7 sure as hell beats my recent 8.5 by a long shot too. Who knows maybe you can someday help influence me to get back into the 6’s :wink:

I’m proud of you Tarra

Thanks John. I know you are working hard on yours too. Sometimes it takes a while to get it where you want it.

Nice Job…I’ve read it take about 21 days to create a habit. So keep doing what your doing and as it seems you’ve created a good habit for you and your A1C’s are proof. Welcome to the under 6 club! Just don’t loose focus when you get that occasional high bg, it happens and get back to your routine and keep doing what you’re doing…It’s working!!