Not sure what to do?

Hello All,

I have been essentially “forced” to the G6 Dexcom, and I have a TON of left over supplies for the G5. I don’t want to break any rules here, but I would hate to have all of them go to waste. Is there any “correct” way to “get rid” of all my extra stuff?

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I’m sure that you will be contacted about this. I also got forced onto G6.

I’ll be using my g5 supplies well after I get forced onto the G6.

Can you explain? By your insurance or supplier?

When I switched, I just used the G4’s I still had and also gave a few to a friend with “pre-diabetes”. (I really, really hate that term and so wish medical professionals would stop using it!). I also wonder about the “forced” term.

I agree with Dave44. I have a ton of G5 sensors and wanted to accumulate G6 sensors anyway so I will continue using G5. Biggest decision is on the transmitter, as G5 and G6 are different and you will have to get G5 transmitters yourself if you use G5 for a while. Of course you will be accumulating G6 transmitters though.

if one is handy, they can replace the batteries in the g5 xmitters, reset the xmitters, and use them for a number of months more. Also, I believe xDrip will let you use a xmitter beyond the 112-day cutoff, but I defer to others on that.

I have medtronic sets and cylinders - and sure-t

When I last put in my order for G5 transmitters and sensors, I was told they were on “back order”. When I called after a week they told me Dexcom was no longer sending out the G5, and they would have to re-verify with my insurance and go to the G6. No choice in the matter. My insurance is thankfully top tier, so I don’t really worry about supplies too much and I have probably 40 sensors and one new in the box transmitter for the G5.


Last fall I had an ear infection, my Dr. wrote a prescription for ear drops. I ended up with 2 small bottles, only used part of one. My CDE volunteers at a free clinic, she took my extra bottle for the clinic. Also if your area has an insulin4all chapter they arrange for exchanges.

@Devildog I’m in Canada and continue to use the G5

I don’t want to break any rules either - perhaps I’ll message you privately and we can exchange off-forum contact info


Dexcom screwed up and sent me quarterly supplies for G6 rather than G5. They won’t take them back, so I’m donating them to my endo’s office. They’re not quite as particular as Dexcom is. And yes, they sent me the correct G5 supplies afterwards. Dexcom is apparently unconcerned about what happens with/to the fruits of their errors.

After I switched from the Medtronics Guardian to a G6, I donated my extra Guardians to a local organization that helps uninsured diabetics. The website listed insulin and most diabetic supplies other than CGM. I emailed before going and the response was Sure we’ll take sensors.

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Good ideas - I will see if I can find someplace local to donate them. Thanks!

I work in a pediatric hospital and tried to donate some not-too-old supplies to the endo department here, and sadly they would not take them.

I’m sure they are concerned about cost, but they likely can’t take supplies back and give them to another person, like how restaurants can’t give your uneaten basket of bread to another table.

My endo used to have a monthly meeting of type 1’s and people would put their unwanted items on a table in back where anyone could grab it if needed. I think it’s probably a liability issue for them to hand it out from another person. Prescription items probably add on an extra problem with switching hands. But there used to be a woman’s shelter that I knew a person who worked there and they would gladly take donated diabetic supplies.

If you like the G5, can you force a transmitter re- order? Seems like a stockpile of sensors is worthless to most places you donate them to unless the recipient can get a transmitter. Or, if your stockpile includes a transmitter why not keep using G5? I just picked up a G5 transmitter this morning ( private insurance) so can confirm they are still available.

How can you use the G5 supplies. Do you have extra transmitters? Dexcom mentioned G6 to me today and I said no. Have a lot of sensors but how do I use with no new transmitters. Thank you

I still have transmitters.

You can pay someone to put new batteries in your transmitters. You can do it yourself if you are very handy and have the correct tools.

You can use xDrip instead of Dexcom software, if u have an Android phone.