Solara sent me g6 sensors and no transmitter

I guess they will send the transmitter soon? Can I reset my g5 transmitter, to hopefully use up my g5 sensors? Does anyone have a g5 transmitter they don’t need? Can’t believe I am having to deal with all of this now and I have covid now too. Are medicare patients still getting G5?

My other question is will this work with my current touch screen receiver? I use both my receiver and my phone, I don’t want to use only my phone, it is not reliable.

I plan to calibrate G6, my cde told me last year you can do it- how is that done and how do you reset the sensor? I prolly won’t be resetting them since I get a lot of irritation and replace G5 every 7 days now, but I want to stock up G6 sensors also if possible.

I looked at a video on replacing the G5 transmitter battery and it looks like a nightmare to do. It is prolly not something I can do with everything going on now anyway.

I don’t think you can reset G5 transmitter, but if you use xDrip on android, you can get more days.

Here is info on upgrading G5 touchscreen receiver to G6, but I don’t think you can’t go back to G5.

Once you get G6, it will be easy to learn code vs nocode, and decide each time you insert new sensor. You can enter calibration whenever you want regardless of how you start it.

Search for G6 here, you will find many topics about restart G6 but Dexcom keeps making it harder with newer transmitters.

I do not have an android. Have apple, can I use drip with apple? I was hoping someone could link directions here, or post them. I am not feeling that great as I have double pneumonia and I am isolating at home for covid now. I found this video about resetting, has anyone ever tried that? I don’t really feel like searching through a gazillion posts. And this site has become very user unfriendly since the redesign.

Or maybe I can just buy a new g5 transmitter to use up my remaining g5 sensors. Where can I buy one? For the cheapest price?

You can find refurbished g5 or g6 transmitters on Amazon. These are ones that have battery replaced by non-dexcom folks, so at your own risk.

They are crap, lots of complaints about them not working. Any new ones available? Anyone else know?