Stupid blood sugar is ALL over the place lately...up and down and up and down. Have been waking up a bit higher than I want to so I kicked my overnight basal up a notch. .700 to .750 woke up this morning BS 54...I ate, my usual of what I eat...and bolused for that. Now I have went from 54 to 174, In just an hour. I don't know if its just the "colder" weather, hormones or WHAT but it is seriously fustrating me now.

what's it at now?

ugh. sorry, Christy! I hope it "normalizes" soon!

Thanks. Im hoping it normalizes again too. Today I've been running lower. Im thinking its all hormone related...every month about mid cycle I tend to get more resistent. I guess now with CGM Im more aware of it.

Finally BG has leveled back out...been running upper 80's to mid 90's. Much better than being up in the 180's or down in the 40's. It's gotta be a hormonal thing, and just more aware now with the CGM. LOL if I knew for sure a hysterectomy and um removing my ovaries would put an end to the hormonal rollercoaster I'd be first in line to sign up. Haha Im pushing 40, don't want to have any more kids...sounds like a plan to me, hahaha.

Yep I can empathize with you there. Even my husband is like why can't they just take it all out. :) I'm just over 50 and the hormonal thing makes me crazy. Not knowing where you are in your cycle anymore because it's so irregular makes it even harder to respond to quickly. I never know if it's hormones or gremlins.


I'm not hormonal and mine has been high (for me) the last 2 mornings too with no apparent explanation except gremlins *sigh*

Stupid gremlins. I was going along nicely today mid 90's notice on my CGM Im trudging up a bit to 105 but you know hey Im not going to get excited, still have some insulin on board...havent had ANYTHING to snack on and forgot to dose for, just sitting her trudging away at work, get ready for lunch and Im 157...good grief. "sigh"

I think a complete hysterectomy and um a move to sunny southern Florida is a good solution, LOL...take care of both problems..hormones and cold weather, just figure out how to get rid of the gremlins and life would be good.

Let's start a war against gremlins Christy! LOL

Darn gremlins! Count me in. :)

From Wikipedia
Although their origin is found in myths among airmen, claiming that the gremlins were responsible for sabotaging aircraft, John W. Hazen states that "some people" derive the name from the Old English word gremian, "to vex." Well, we may not be airplanes, but they certainly are vexatious!

Thanks jrtpup! I am glad I now know what the enemy looks like!!

LOL! Now that pic is FUNNY!

Yikes! Is that what we're all dealing with! Ha Ha. Hope that isn't someone's childhood doll, it would give me nightmares. I was given a creepy Bo Jaggles marionette that I think I liked during the day, but it haunted me at night. Ha Ha

Just increased by son's basal for each segment of time, and has helped at night thru morning, but has seem to have no effect breakfast and lunch. I thought I might try lowering his target from 110 and 120 to 95 and 105. 95 would be for breakfast. These gremlins, I suspect are teenage with raging hormones. LOL

Hahahah LOVE the picture. Great to know what we are up against, lol. Evil looking little thing. LOL.

The pic is straight from the Wikipedia page, I thought it was creepy and dumb looking enough LOL