Not understanding

Do you ever get upset with your significant other for what you to perceive as he or she not getting diabetes, especially how we feel dealing with highs and lows?

Sometimes I know I over react to what I perceive to be my husband so not getting it and how he so cannot feel what I go through. I know I should not get upset, but I cannot help myself sometimes.


I can relate to you. Just in the past couple of days I became very very tired and I knew something was very wrong with me. I just couldn’t describe all of my symptoms to my husband. But I did tell him and he did know something was wrong.

I asked him to call his friend to look up a doctor her father went to when he had a stroke. I am petrified of having a stroke because there is a history of it in my family. He still hasn’t told me who the doctor was that took care of his friend’s father.

I look at it this way. I know I have just upset my husband because neither one of us know which way to go on this subject. Add in insurance issues and there is a bigger problem. Will they pay and what is covered? I know he is scared for me and I just try to stay away from blaming him for not caring.

It’s frustrating I know but at least we have tudiabetes to share our issues. Don’t get too down on your partner or yourself. I wish I had better advice and maybe some one else can input. Our partner’s are our closest friends and sometimes we just ask for too much from them and don’t realize it.

Hi Karen,
I totally understand what you mean. Last Sunday morning I got up with a blood sugar of 62. It was fine for a while because I wasn’t feeling bad or anything… But there were things to do after I had checked my blood sugar. The cat had a crisis… She is an old cat and we were cat sitting for our daughter. After she had this hair ball spitting problem she fell into her water bowl and scattered water and jumped in to her littler box and out again scattering litter everywhere. I cleaned things up and got up but fell to my knees again. I couldn’t get my legs under me and stand up and was very dizzy. I called my husband and told him I needed help right now. I had told him what my blood sugar was right after checking it. He was in the middle of making his coffee. I told him I was in trouble and needed some juice right away. He got so angry with me. He told me I could wait until he got his coffee made. By that time I felt like my head weighed a ton and I really wanted to lie down on the floor. He was right there in the same room with me with his back to me and was really mad. I told him I was going to pass out and needed help right now. He finally brought me a small regular soda that i keep just for this purpose. But he was still mad. I drank a bit of it until i could sit up better. When i was able to get off the floor, I cooked us both some breakfast and ate. After breakfast I told him how scary it was that I was in trouble and he wouldn’t help me. He said he knew I could get up any time i wanted. I tried to make him understand what happens when a bad low comes up, but he just doesn’t get it. I felt really sad. This isn’t a mean man and i do not believe he would purposely let me get hurt. This is also the same man who brought me a slice of chocolate fudge cake after I had been having so much pain in my back. How can he understand the need for a chocolate fix and just not understand the need when a serious low hits? I really think only another diabetic really understands how we feel.

I know how you feel… My family doesn’t understand why the way I feel after a low or high BG… Sometimes they get mad at me and say sometime to me…then I cry… So They try there best to understand even when they don’t… I just tell them Why don’t you have Diabetes for a week and see how you feel and react to lows and highs BG… They just look at me… Oh Welll!!!

I have said those exact words to my husband many of times, poor Bob. :frowning: