Not wanting to look

I wrote a post this morning on dLife about a question I did not want to ask.

Basically I am scared to know what diabetes has in store for me in the future. Now I know many will say, “Don’t think like that,” “Live life now and don’t worry,” or “Being scared does not help.” I know all those things and yet my brain asks, what does diabetes have in store for my future.

I know that diabetes is not in control, I am. But the fact remains, if I was completely in control then I would not have this disease. So, I do not have total control. Diabetes does posess an upper hand sometimes.

Do you get like this? Do you worry like this? I know I cannot be alone but today it is on my mind big time.

My future feels bright enough for shades, but I think I should bring along an umbrella because a storm may be a-brewing.

I worry about what diabetes has for me down the road. it’s hard to think of all the possibilities. But as long as you keep on top of things and have people around you care for you, you will be fine =) A lot of my “diabetic” thinking has changed since I have been on this site. Its definately spinned me in the right direction. Best of luck in all you do.

My future feels bright enough for shades, but I think I should bring along an umbrella because a storm may be a-brewing.
And with your umberella say silently your prayers and walk your way to happiness and full great life.You will be happy George!!

In my humble, yet always correct, opinion there is nothing wrong with worrying some about what the future holds. It is what the worry generates that should concern you. Does it generate more worry so you just end up stagnated, stuck in the rut you are in? Or does it inspire you to look past the worry itself to what you can do to make that worry less.

This is going to sound harsh, I suppose, but the longer we are diabetic the more likely we are going to get complications. Some of these complications may someday kill us. The bright side is that WE HAVE TOTAL CONTROL over the way we take care of ourselves and the better we take care, the longer it will take those complications to show up.

Worry? You should be aware of the risks. Let that worry control your every waking moment? He** no! I wear shades and a ball cap, the ball cap keeps the rain off my shades and the sun off of my thinning hair!

You know I think this site is starting to change me, I actually used the word “inspire” in a sentence…

The other thing to remember is to take all of the old data that’s out there with a grain of salt. The old timers will tell you that things used to be very different. I know you already have some complications, but the fact is that, even if you found a 10 year old study that said that anyone who had complication X would have it progress to death/amputation/going to law school in 5 years, that’s based on old data, using different techniques for glycemic control, and frankly, is mostly data from a period where the point was to keep you from going hypo, not to keep you in normal range. You look at the figures, they say people with diabetes die 10 years younger than average. My endo says normal life expectancy so long as you take care of yourself. So, be aware of the risks, take care of yourself, but you can’t let diabetes control you.

Of course, we all have those bad, rainy days - literally and figuratively, as I look out my office window. It comes with the turf, and I don’t think that’s made clear enough to people at diagnosis. But look at it this way - my great-grandfather got into bed one day and didn’t get out until he was dead of diabetes a few years later - pre-insulin days. We’re the beneficiaries of a lot of new advances in medicine, and there’s pretty much nothing we can’t do - except fly a commercial airliner. (Oh well.)

Be concerned, be upset once in a while, but rejoice in life and in the opportunities we have as diabetics that people didn’t have even 10 years ago!

In the immortal words of Alfred E Newman “What, me worry?” Never underestimate the power of a positive attitude. I believe it has worked wonders for me!

By the way, love the Santa hat! As for your post, I don’t even allow myself to go there. I’m not in denial, just making positive choices and doing everything I can now to keep myself healthy. I’m not banking on a cure, but I can dream, right?

I know I worry for my husband’s future… in many ways him creating this site… and then me deciding to join him help me so much canalizing the fear I was covering with “toughness”, :slight_smile:

A positive attitude is vital… but so many things are important with diabetes, that someday you can’t have it all. he he. there are days I just want to be worried and stressed out, if you know what I mean…

My big fear is losing my vision. My eyesight was pretty bad before I was diagnosed, and was so blurry for the week I was in hospital after diagnosis. It’s a huge motivating factor. I’m thinking seriously about having lasik eye surgery soon, so that at least my eyesight has a better starting point to work from before the diabetes-related deterioration.

Your vision that was blurry at diagnosis was due to dehydration from DKA, not long-term diabetes complications. It takes awhile for them to adjust again, but as long as you don’t go into DKA again, they should be fine. Just make sure you get your yearly eye exam, but it sounds like you already see the eye doc regularly.

You know, one of the effects for me of having a high blood sugar level for a few days is blurry vision. It doesn’t bother with my glasses really, but it is definitely noticable when I have my contacts in