November is here! You all know what that means, National Diabetes Awareness Month

National Diabetes Awareness Month is here, do you guys have any plans or feel that during November everywhere you look is been bombarded with diabetes information?

I received two solicitations for donations so far today. One from JDRF, another from ADA. Nothing in the news, at lease where I read.

My CDE normally holds an open house with the diabetes-device reps in November in honor of National Diabetes Awareness Month, but she’s since moved this to another month because the meeting areas at her hospital are booked.

Lots of mention of National Diabetes Awareness Month on Instagram

#bluenovember #diabetesawareness

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World Diabetes Day, November 14, coincides with my third anniversary of starting to use Loop.

Looking back, I’m so fortunate to be a beneficiary of this patient-led breakthrough technology, one fruit of the #WeAreNotWaiting movement. I plan to write more here about how Loop has improved my glucose management with less effort.

National Diabetes Awareness Month reminds me that the diabetes community can provide great support to each of us, if we choose to thread ourselves into the vibrant fabric it has woven over the last ten years and longer.

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