Hi everyone. There is a drug called Domperidone that stimulates stomach emptying and it has done a world of good for me. You can only get it at an apothecary phamacy in the US or you can order it per mail order from Canada with a script of course. It is similar to Propulsid, which was taken off of the market years ago. It is just something to ask your GI about if you haven’t had much luck treating GR. = )

Oops sorry I meant GP. : P

I am in the UK and was on this twice a day. However it can raise your Prolactin level and stop you menstruating. I went 9 months before we worked out why. I now use Erythromycin instead for my gastro.

Thanks for sharing, Candice. How long have you been on Domperidone?

Gerri-have taken it for close to a year now. It was originally prescribed four times a day, but I only seem to need it most when my sugars are not stable. It really helps to relieve the nausea/ hurling and distension.

Good morning Candice, nice to hear about domperidone again. I am lucky(I guess) to be getting Propulsid through a “compasionate use” program, mostly 'cause my belly doc is willing to deal with the paperwork for the drug company. I also smoke herb, Washington is a medical marijuana state so I am able to legally use herb. Some symptoms it helps, same as the Propulsid. Others it doesn’t seem to help, maybe it does and I don’t notice. The most scary part of gastroparesis is that my belly can hang on to food, no rise in blood sugar until later, sometimes much later. It’s amazing, I remember how fast the high carbs worked for low blood sugar in the days before my belly got weird. Much luck with all that life has in it Peace Thomas

Just ordered Domperidone from Canada 2 days ago. I am so excited to try this. I tried several meds including Propulsid and Reglan without much luck and I was afraid of the possibility of twitching that can sometimes be permanent. I understand this is not a side effect with Domperidone.

Hi all,

My GI doc just suggested I try it but didn’t have a recommendation for a Canadian pharmacy to get it from. Does anyone have a reliable pharmacy you use?


g rammy g, where are you finding Propulsid? what hoops are you needing to jump through. I have a gastro doc that gets it for me now, I’m just interested in exploring other sources in case something happens with this connection. Sure would be nice to not need such things in our lives. Peace Thomas

I have taken domperidone for a couple of years. Prior to that I had been on cisapride until it was taken off the market, then was on metoclopramide for many years. Metoclopramide was back ordered a couple of years back so my only choice was domperidone and it has worked well for me. I take it four times a day and for the most part do quite well as long as I take it regularly. Metoclopramide raised my prolactin but it wasn’t a big issue, and never any effects on menses for me. I like the domperidone and will definitely stick with it.