Gastroparesis symptoms

I have been having some gastroparesis symptoms again.I was recently taking DomPeridone and my doctor told me to stop taking it.I was taking one a day as I had better control being on the insulin pump.But the other day at work I was feeling nauseous and couldn't understand why I was feeling like this.Also I was getting full on a few bites of food and my bs's were erratic.Then I remembered how I felt before when the doctor diagnosed me with it.I am seeing my doctor on Wed the 30.I will be glad when I can get this taken care of.

I was recently dxed with GP, it sounds like the symptoms. Although since dxes and learning how and what to eat I don't have those symptoms any more. It seems that when I was eating all the healthy things we're taught to eat that's when I was having problems. Now that I eat all the things I was told not to eat I'm doing find for now.

I have slow digestion rather than full-blown Gastroparesis. I find that eating four small meals and including a lot of liquids in my diet helps.

Betty J, I'd be interested to know what the foods are that now work for you.

Hey guys, I would also be interested to know what the foods are that work for you. I also have slow digestion, maybe partly because of colon surgery I had years ago and I'm sure diabetes plays a role also. Any tips you all have would be helpful! :)

Smiley, my Gasto doc gave me a list of things to eat and not to eat. On the list of things to eat were all the things we were told not to eat like white bread, nothing that has fibre and no raw foods. I can now have cereal without high bs. Your Gastro doc would be the one to ask. I can now eat all the things that are high on the GI list. For years I've used the GI list to keep my bs from spiking but now I can eat what's high in number on the GI list and my a1cs are still in the 6% range.

Trudy I just saw your post but that post is also for you. I don't know if mine is full blown but since eating the way I described above so far no problems and I eat 3 meals a day without bloating or nausea.

I am pretty sure that I am having gasto symptoms because I am familiar with them.It is a mild form of it as I don't always feel nauseous.Once I go back on my Dom peridone things will be back to normal and I will be able to eat what I want and start feeling hungry again.

I read that as "Dom Perignon" ... :)

Good luck to you, Dee.

I have iull blown GP and have been totally unable to consume food or drink before. I was on a j tube for four years. In 2004 I had the gastric pacemaker placed. I am now able to eat and I can tell you what works for me. Try to control sugars best you can. As my sugars go up I can actually feel my digestion slow down. I use reglan, but can only use a small amount due to the side effects. I also take neurontin and unfortunately I have intense pain with mine and require morphine. The morphine slows down my stomach but the pain is just to much so I just have to but I also take mirilax for the constipation. constipation makes the pain and GP worse. Small meals through out the day more like grazing and soft things like yogurt, cottage cheese, soup etc. I’d be happy to answer any questions AND iwish you all the bestof luck!

I'd like to add one more thing to this very helpful discussion. I believe probiotics are great. They help me to prevent lactose intolerance, help prevent C-Difficile, and just seem to help my digestion generally. I take a good probiotics capsule, eat Greek yogurt, and drink Kefir (Dan Active is 14g carbs, just right for a low).

I am doing much better now.I took my first Domperidone on wednesday the 30th.My doctor said if gastoparesis was my problem it would take at 3 days to get into my system.Well that night I started to feel a bit better.I even had a bedtime snack!I am slowly introducing food into my system again as I went for 3 days with eating minimal food and you would think that my blood sugar would have been good.WRONG! the slower digestion made my sugars go a little crazy.The doctor said that Domperidone can cause heart problems if taken often for long periods.I was only taking 1 a day before this happened.I will stay with it for now.Thank-you for all the replies from everyone.