Novo Nordisk Innovo injector device - anything better out there?

Hi All,

For those of you who are on insulin injections as treatment, has anyone found anything similiar or better than the novo “Innovo” device?

The “innovo” is very compact (often my colleagues at work mistake it for a GPS or mobile phone device!) and has a digital memory displaying the quantity of insulin injected and time since the last injection.

Unfortunately I've discovered that the device has been discontinued, and I'll have to go back to using one of the larger novopens - with no memory or time function.

Note: the image of the Novopen below is not to scale - as it’s actually a lot larger than the Innovo device above:

Are there any other alternatives out there that anyone is aware of?

You should take a look at the Insulin Pen Users group. There was a posting on this very subject (see here for details), and I noted that Lilly now has a new pen called the Humapen Memoir with a longer memory than the Innovo device. As for the concerns about it working only with Lilly insulins, someone posted on my blog that you could order reservoirs for a particular Disetronic (now Accu-Check) insulin pump (details on my other post), and fill them with whatever type of insulin you want, and they fit the Humapen Memoir pen device. I haven’t tried it myself, but it may be a good alternative!

Don’t bother. The battery is a widely available watch battery (CR2032 maybe) but it is spot welded to the leads. The case is also glued or ultrasonicallly welded closed, so you pretty much have to destroy it to open it. A nicely engineered piece of equipment, but definitely meant to be disposable.

If you want to try cutting a hole in the case to find the battery, put the the injector down flat with the insulin chamber on the right. If I remember correctly, the battery will be on top of the circuit board on the left side of the injector case, and near the needle end.

I am, of course, not suggesting that you actually use an injector that has been Frankensteined this way.
Injecting a life saving hormone with an injector that that has been cut or broken open is a bad idea.

Oh, that’s too bad! I loved my Innovo! After using that, the pens totally sucked :frowning:

The battery is actually a CR1616, and rather than being welded or glued together, the case is a snap-fit device, with latches under the large collar that is still exposed when the unit has it’s cap on.

Unfortunately, the battery is spot-welded in, in two places, between two little strips of metal, which are then soldered to the main board. If the unit is laid lengthwise, with the button to the right, the battery is slightly to the right of the dose adjustment button.