This whole“being an adult” thing is not all it’s cracked up to be. I mean really? Do I really have to pay bills and do laundry, go grocery shopping and deal with my own health insurance.. Yes.

Actually it hasn't been all that bad. I jumped on to my own insurance for the first time this year after graduating college and so far it had been working pretty well. All until the new year hit and with the new year came some changes to my coverage.

Nothing huge really, other than all the supplies I use for my diabetes care being taken off the “preferred” list. Meaning I will have to pay more each month to get things like insulin and test strips. OR I can of course switch to the “preferred” insulin and the “preferred” test strips.. They make it sound so easy, like getting a new brand of toothpaste.

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Last year my insurance switched me from Humalog to Novolog and I really have not seen a difference but I have heard of others who have.