NovoFine Plus 4mm pen needles unobtainable?

Anyone else having trouble getting the NovoFine Plus 4mm pen needles since July 1st this year? My mail order pharmacy has been out of stock for the last 90 days. I called the local Costco, RiteAid, Walgreens and CVS and none of them could order the NovoFine Plus 4mm pen needles.

I ordered BD pen needles this time but I really really prefer the NovoFine Plus.

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I called Novo Nordisk today. They say their 4mm pen needle is indeed unobtainable due to “supply chain issues”. The 4mm is not discontinued at this time and the 6mm is available. Novo Nordisk refused to provide the information in writing.

The BD Nano Gen2 pen needles are much better than the original BD Nanos my mail order pharmacy had once substituted for a Novofine Plus order.