Does the type/brand of the pen needle matter?

I recently got a Novopen 5 since my Tresiba prefilled pens are running out. The Novopen 5 instructions repeatedly emphasize that the pen was designed for use with 3ml Novo Nordisk Penfill cartridges … and with NovoFine or NovoTwist needles.

I don’t have such needles. Instead, I have mylife Penfine Classic 6mm ones. I now wonder if the type/brand of needle affect anything. I know that the length can influence things, as can the thickness/gauge, but other than that, does it matter? Or is this simply a legal matter, because Novo Nordisk tested the pen with their needles only and thus cannot legally guarantee function with others?

nope doesn’t matter


No it doesn’t matter. However, you may have a personal preference. My preferred pen needle is the NovoFine Plus 32g x 4mm. The pharmacy was out of these the other day so I took a box of BD Ultra-Fine 31g x 5mm needles and I prefer them for my daily 75u Toujeo dose so I might keep using them. I absolutely hated the BD Ultra-Fine 32G x 4mm needles, for some reason the way the point is angled on them they wouldn’t easily pierce my skin.