Novolog question

I started using the Novolog 70/30 pen Sunday morning. My question is two fold.

  1. how will I tell when the pen is almost empty, will the little orange plug creep down to the 12 mark?
  2. The instruction told me to put the mark on 2 and shoot a bit of insulin out before I took the shot. I did that with the new pen, do I have to squirt out some before each time that I do the shot?
    Thanks for any help on this

It’s good to squirt 2 units each time, priming the “needle” part. Gets air out so you get insulin, not air. And if reusing the needle, after a while it will clog. So priming it ensures it isn’t clogged and you are getting the insulin into you.


Hi there
I guess you are on a flexpen, right? (Should say so on the pen itself or packaging)
First of all, you will see how the cartridge empties, but you should also not be able to drill the plunger up to the full amount anymore. Now you should be able to drill the plunger up to 60 (or maybe 30) units (maximum) and as soon as there are less than that, you will only be able to drill it up to the amount left, for example 25 units. So you know exactly how much there is left, until it is empty.
Those “priming” units are necessary to make sure every time that insulin comes out, but i usually only let 0.5 (or 1) unit out, or until i see that something comes out.

Ok thanks I take 30 before breakfast and 15 before supper. Today I only did the 1 and saw a drop come out. Yes it is the flexpen. I guess I will get used to it when I use up one and see how long each one takes. Thanks

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