Novolog question

So I have been doing my breakfast,lunch and dinner 1:13 the past few days and it's not working. So tomorrow I was going to make another adjustment do I go down 2 to 1:11 or do I just even it out to 1:10? thanks. :)

Since you're on shots, I don't know that it makes calculations any easier going to 1:10. I imagine it's much more important to try to take into account how far off you are and much you think each change will affect your BG.

I think it's important to make changes gradual, so 1:11 sounds like a good step to take and try for a couple days. (and bottom line it's just as easy to multiply by 11 as 10!). Also, remember to make your changes separately for each meal as very few of us find the same I:C works for the three meals.

In Canada and possibly also in USA the Freestyle Insulux Glucometer works like the " poor man pump " ...does carb ratio's etc. Visit Emmy's page ; she has a group for those , who like to learn and use this meter .
I check back later ...I may not have made it too clear ...but our supper is on the way :)

Well the only one that seems to be right is the lunch one 1:13 seems to work for lunch and doesn't go to high. But breakfast is always high and dinner is good at 1 hour and sometimes 2 hours but seems to go up by bedtime. Breakfast for sure has to be adjusted though. I'm not going to change lunch. I do think i should adjust breakfast and dinner though?

Yay, you got lunch down! Congrats! Yes, breakfast, for many of us is the hardest one; that's why we try and limit carbs at that time of day. Sounds like your dinner might work as well? If you're having high blood sugars at bedtime that is more likely your basal than your bolus. The only difference would be if you are eating high fat dinners, then you could be experiencing highs several hours later. But otherwise, that is the basal. I wouldn't necessarily change dinner if it is working for your post prandial (2 hours after your meal).

Yea definitely wasn't high fat meal. The basal seems to be working between meals earlier in the day just I guess not later. The basal is so frustrating... I feel like I'm not going to be able to figure that part out. I mean I've split the dose and it seems to help half the day but not the second half of day and not through the night. If it doesn't work tonight which will be the second night then I'm thinking I should change the nighttime dose to 3u instead of 2. But what about during the day if it's last until about dinner does that mean it will eventually have to be increased too? It's so confusing when it comes to the levemir.
Emmy's discussion ...I would highly recommend this glucometer for those who use insulin .

Yes, it's not an exact science using long acting insulin. You just have to play with the numbers until you get it as close as possible. Yes, you might have to increase the daytime basal as well, but take it slow. Don't make decisions based on one day but at least 3. One high number isn't enough to make a change on.

Yeah...there been a lot of changes this week. Playing with both the basal and fast acting variables. Not sure how you can determine what's working and what's not. Easier to play with one variable at a time. Slow down, test a lot, log your results and figure out what the true trends are. It's not going to hurt anything if it takes 3 months to figure everything out. Some of us are still trying to figure it out.

Denise, you're doing great! I have the sense that you're becoming more comfortable with the tweaking? Don't forget to go slowly, and b-r-e-a-t-h-e.

Ok i'm trying not to freak out. This morning I woke up fasting was 123...So I was like ok maybe it is going to take a few days for the levemir to adjust much better then yesterdays number. Today is the day I was adjusting my breakfast novolog though, so I took 1u of Novolog wait 20mins since breakfast is the hardest and then had 11g of carbs for breakfast thats 1:11 now...So far my 1 hour blood sugar is 271. Thats 148 point jump from my fasting... This is my highest number so far starting on this insulin. and I even changed my dose and my fasting was lower then yesterdays.. Omg I just don't get it.. It's super frustrating I'm freaking out because its soo high..I'm scared. I don't know what I did wrong I felt so confident this morning.

but doesn't it cause ketones? It's 11:20 and my blood sugar is still 165...I wish I knew how to do a correction. Or low to get it to come down? The 2 hour number was 281.

No, it's not likely to get ketones from 276 that is coming down. It sounds like your basal is starting to come into line (123 isn't perfect but it's getting there!). Once your basal is in line your bolus will be easier to manage. You probably still have a ways to go with breakfast. Just to remind you mine is 1:5, 1:10 and 1:18. Not that yours will be the same as mine, but just to show that breakfast is often much lower than the other meals. Please take some of those deep breaths and try and consider those numbers "data" or "useful information". Shawnmarie is right, high numbers for short times are not going to hurt you. Did you get one of the two books recommended?

yes I've been reading "Think like a Pancreas "

Great! Lots of good info!

Never had a ratio that worked long, the body has its own reasining,
go with the flow and roll with the changes.

Another thought I'd like to pass on, and I do hesitate a bit, because I want to reassure you not give you more cause for concern! I agree with Sandpirate. When I first started insulin I worked, like you're doing, to get my basals and boluses as close as I could to what my body needed. (and did so without a doctor as you are pretty much doing). But somehow I got the idea, that once I got it all figured out I would be done with that process and would use those I:C, basal and ISF rates ongoing (barring unusual occurences like infection or site failure). I also had the belief that my blood sugars would be pretty much perfect with those right doses, rarely going over 140 or under 60. Wrong! Some people have more stability than others, but most Type 1's both have to regularly tweak their doses (more basal than bolus for me-my I:C's stay stable for long periods of time), and experience regular highs and lows. They key is how much of the time you can be in range, not that you always will be.

So don't worry about perfection - it just isn't realistic for most Type 1's. If we can keep our A1C's in reasonable range without too many extremes, and correct promptly for highs and lows, it's all good!

Thank you everyone for all your kind words. :)