Novolog verses humalog

can you tell me if you would use the same amount of novolog as the same amount to cover as humalog? Which works better for you with lantis?

Do you feel lantis peaks or stays in your system for 24 hours or both? I think it peaks after 18 hours compared to 24 hours. This is my experience with my 16 year old daughter about 145 pounds 34 units of lantis a day.

I have used both Humalog and Novolog, and did not notice any difference. I understand though that some do have better results with one or the other, I think especially with Novolog.

When I was using Lantus, it peaked for me around 18 -20 hours. Occasinally it would last longer, but not much so.

I agree with this. Are you on the pump?

Do you use a long lasting?

I tried Humalog a while ago, but it went into my system way too fast, and I would have lows right after I ate. Novolog works better for me. (I’m on MDI with Levemir.)

I am on the pump now, but when I used Novolog I was on MDI. No need for Lantus anymore since I am on the pump.

Thank you for asking this question. Saw my PCP for the first time yesterday and she changed me from Novolog to Humalog but wanted me to use a sliding scale. I have been counting carbs for so long and using boluses for highs and also to cover carbs. So I absolutely refuse to go back to a sliding scale. Because she was so stuck on the sliding scale I was unsure if I should use the same amount of Humalog as Novolog.

I split my dose of Lantus take 15u in the am and 15u in the pm because it just wasn’t working 24 hours. I am not exactly sure how long it did last because I really never paid much attention. I just knew that it wasn’t working for 24 hours. But thanks to this forum I am becoming more observant as to what is going on with my BGs.

I will question that in her next checkup (Sept) Can I ask you if you are the same weight as my daughter or more? You say 30 lantus. I’m assuming less.

I weigh right around 145 lbs. Years ago I started out on 70u Lantis but over the years have brought it down to 30. I seem to fluctuate between 20u and 30u depends I think on how my other health issues are doing. Seeing endo for evaluation for pump. Hoping my insurance will cover enough of the cost so I can get one.

Good luck with everything.

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