Going from Novolog to humalog

My daughter must switch from novolog to humalog due to insurance. I know everyone is different but is there a general theme on the difference between the two? Higher Basel rate, faster acting etc…

Thanks for the help!

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I use Humalog and have never had an issue. I like the humalog, but i am an Indiana guy so Humalog is the insulin of choice round these parts. The current diabetes forecast has a commentary on breaking up with Lilly a man going form Humalog to Novolog. He said he found the transition to Novalog easy but felt he was lower at night and higher during the day. i doubt these will be many issues with the switch. It should be an easy transition. but int he US all cars engines too, dont mean the same set of tools works on all cars.

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I got a sample pen of each from my doctor and tested and found no difference between the two. I stayed with Humalog since I had been using it for many years already.

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Thanks everyone for the responses! We have been on humalog for 5 days now and have nothing but highs even with adjusting basal by a entire .1 unit per hour. We will have to try for a couple more weeks to see what happens. This really is a bummer as we had really great numbers with novolog.

hi there I've been searching this site like crazy this morning as my son switched for insurance reasons...all though we had 3 more bottles of novolog my son and husband pulled out the Humalog last night, Jacob uses an omnipod, after one bolus so far so good the next few days should tell a better story, from summarizing all the info from the site it seems like most find not much difference some a larger difference the most common thing even in the literature is that Humalog has a slightly longer action time and slightly longer start up and peak so I told Jacob to be carful to always prebolus hoping for the best! his endo said no difference.....

Thanks for the reply. One thing that seems to be a reoccurring theme is she goes high after being off the pump for an hour or so. We take it off for sports practice and with novolog we never noticed a difference. Anyone else experience this?

hi there, Jacob only takes his pod off before taking a bath before changing his pod so we don't have much experience with this, depending on how long she is going to be off you could think about giving a tiny bolus say .3-.5 before she takes it off?? things have been going well for us no significant changes or trends as far as I can see thank goodness! hope things settle out. amy

They are exactly the same. I've done the switch between them several times, and I never notice any difference at all. Novolog has an added preservative that allegedly makes it more resistant to heat, but the medicinal properties are identical.

thanks leah good to know!