Thinking About Switching to Novolog

I might change to Novolog in a 670g pump. Who has done this in a pump and what should I expect? Most on here seem to have had no issues.

Novolog and Humalog are about the same for most people. I have used both in my pump for many years.

For me I need less of it than Humalog and it lasts longer.

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I recently switched from humalog to novolog and did not notice any difference.

Thanks for your response.

Much thanks.

Ive used both, and although “on paper” they should be close, many have expressed VERY different results. For instance, one member here, David, Novolog works well, but Humalog is like water. It does nothing. For me, Novolog has a higher tolerance to heat, acts sooner, and has a shorter tail than Humalog.

YMMV. You gotta try it and see.