Now you can "like" everything on TuDiabetes

Starting today, the ability to “Like” items that had previously only been available on blog posts, photos and videos has been extended to Discussions, Groups, Events and Profile pages.

We hope you will LIKE new feature useful as you navigate the site. :slight_smile:

Good point. I will make the suggestion to Ning, to see if it’s something they’re considering implement.

Another neat thing is that the Likes will start impacting too the Top Content, which gets automatically updated near the bottom right of the page.

For us non-social media types, can someone please explain what “like” is for? I just trying clicking on the heart for a group (thinking it would take me to read some kind of comment) and it increased " +1" . Is that saying I “like the group”. And if it is for a comment am I saying "I like (agree with?) this comment? That may explain when someone has typed +1 after someone’s comment and I wondered what the heck that meant. Why do I feel I am needing translation more and more these days?

I guess nobody is going to explain this to me, because they think it’s weird I don’t already know!

I guess it just means what it says, “I like/or agree with this” . I got that for comments, but for the groups does that mean that if there are 98 members and only 5 hearts, does that mean the other 93 people don’t really like the group?

Funny, unless there's more to this I'm missing: When my students just respond with "I agree" or "I like that" I tell them they need to add some substance to their comment. I'd much rather hear some details about someone's opinion/experience than just see a heart added, even if they disagree with me it would still be more interesting!

This “Liking” is a fun game, but I must admit it’s the photos that I like to like.

Then the Flatliners Club should be moving up to the top content!

Sometimes you read a post and don’t want to comment but you like what they said. As far as the groups, it doesn’t mean the other 93 people don’t like the group - it just means that they haven’t taken the time to click the like button.

In Facebook when you like something, your friends get to see the stuff you like so you are kind of sharing stuff with them because it shows on your wall.

Cowabunga dude. I liked Manny!

Sorry, Kelly, I was being facetious about the other 93 people not liking the group. I just kind of assume that if somebody joined a group and stayed in the group, that they like it! I had resisted asking if the person who got the most “likes” would be elected class president. Personally, I count my friends on my fingers, but wouldn’t hesitate to call one of them at 3AM if I needed to. When I was living in Guatemala and my friend’s sister in Michigan was in a serious car accident, I checked flights in case she needed me for support if her sister died.

Sorry Zoe! It sounds like you are a good friend.

Nothing for you to be sorry for, Kelly; I’m the one who is being mocking! But I hope that, in this day of counting hundreds (thousands?) of Facebook “Friends” that everyone has two or three real life ones they’ve loved for years and would do anything for!

I agree Zoe. I would rather have a couple close friends than a ton of ones that don’t care. When I went thru my foot infection, I found out who my real friends were and believe me, there were not that many that survived.

I’m sorry to hear that, Kelly. But treasure the ones who did!

Cool! I “like” this Manny! Thanks!

Based on the feedback from a few people, we’ve decided to disable the liking feature on profile pages. Everything else continues to be “likable”. :slight_smile:

I thought I’d add a few comments about what LIKING is useful for:

  1. Helping the community “curate” content/contributions by “voting” (giving a thumbs up) on them.
  2. Creating a sort of “favorites” repository for you, which you can access through your Likes page. I am including a screenshot showing the link on the profile page of one of the members, so you can get a feel for where you can find it.

My page still looks plain to me. When is it going to start looking like the design I chose for it? I like that we can ‘like’ a profile page(:

I think Manny said above, Julia, that he has discontinued the ability to “like” a profile page, but continued the other options.

I know. I realized that as soon as I clicked ‘add reply’ and I didnt feel like going back and changing it(: