Migration update: Screen shots of new pages!

Hey all,

Check out what our new site will look like!!! We've put oodles of hours into designing these, using your feedback over time about our current site, best practices common among popular online social networks and the help of several consultants who do this sort of thing :) Keep in mind that all the content in the images below (meaning, the text and pictures) is just there to demonstrate what things will look like, and will change all the time, just as on our site now. Also note that these images are smaller and less clear than they will be in real life, so in places where the text is hard to read on these pictures it will actually be much clearer. In order to see them full size, click on the page you want to see and then click again on the image that appears on the left side of your screen.

I hope you like the new look!

Home Page

Videos Page

When you click on a specific video you'll see:

Curated Blogs Page

Nice! Will I be automatically signed in?

All our current members will automatically have accounts set up on the new site, already containing all their past forum posts, private messages, blog posts (in the "Community" forum section) etc. The only things that will not be there are your comment wall content, photos, and some of your videos. You'll need to sign in anew the first time, using the same email and password you currently have set up for you TuDiabetes account, but after that if you're used to staying signed in all the time then you can still do that.

Looks pretty cool!

I can't wait to watch "Emily Coles makes jokes!" LOL!

LOL. I think that was Mike Lawson getting a little snarky with me because kept harassing him to add, subtract, change things in the design ;)

Great designs! I love them!!! :P

I’m liking what I see on these screenshots!

I like it. Good job!

Who did these, Mike? :wink:

It looks very crisp. I like it! Good job! :D

I stay signed in and my home page is "Forums" because I like to read all of them, not just one category. What will be the equivalent setting in the new system?

Hi Zoe,

You will still be able to stay signed into the forum section in general, viewing recent posts within all categories :) The section on the new home page titled "The Latest" will also show a list of most recent posts in the forum, within any/all categories (much as we have now).

Good, thanks, Emily.

How will I do that, Emily? I normally click on the "forums" tab (and then leave that page in my 'favorites". I never even go to the "home page.") I don't see a "forums" page.

When is this going to switch?

The tab called "discussion groups" in the top navigation on every page will link to our forum, just as our "forum" tab does now. You can treat it exactly the same way you always have :)

The forum (aka "discussion groups") page is not shown here because it will be hosted by a different platform than the rest of the pages, called Discourse, and it's not quite ready yet.

Got it; thanks, Emily. Everyone else seems excited, but I'm usually anxious when software is upgraded because I know it will be hard to figure out at first and just go to the places I love and post as normal. At least you don't upgrade as often as my teaching software...:::groan::::

LOL! It will definitely take some getting used to, but we're pretty sure that everyone will be pleased with the changes. I think the new site will actually be a LOT more intuitive to use than our current one, but of course those of us who have been using this one for a long time already are so accustomed to it that it feels intuitive, even if it isn't to our newbies.

We'll all get the hang of it together :)