Number of young children with D in your school


I am just curious…
As I was getting all the paperwork filled out for my daughter’s Diabetes care at school, I found out that there are three (!) more children in her school this year with Type 1 Diabetes.
In 1st grade (my daughter), 2nd, 3rd & 5th grades.
That’s seems pretty high to me, wouldn’t you agree? Our elementary school has only 620 students this year.
Are there any other children in your kid’s school with D?


We have about 600 kids at our elementary school. My daughter was diagnosed in 1st grade and will be entering 5th grade in the fall. She has always been the only one with D in her whole school. She heard that an incoming kindergartener for the fall has D.

But I always thought that we were on the low side. Most people that I talk to have at least a couple, but often times four kids with D at their school. So that doesn’t seem all that high to me.


I live in a town of about 15,000 people and around 250 kids/grade. There are currently 12 kids with D in the school system.


Jared is currently the only kid with d at his school which has about 65 students.


My son will be attending a small private school. There are about 325 kids in prek-12th. He will be in kindergarten. The 6th grade teacher is type 1. There is a girl with T1 in 6th grade and 2 boys in the 11th (the same grade as my oldest son) with type 1.


My daughter is in a fairly small private school (about 300 students.) There’s 3 diabetic kids this year… a 7th grader, my daughter (2nd grade) and one in kindergarten.


i know of 5 kids in our school system that has it and that is olny the ones I know of Im sure there are more!


My son is the only diabetic in his elementary school, BUT, his best friend’s sister (who lives 2 doors down from us) was diagnosed with type 1, 2 years ago. Her mom is one of my best friends. I’m so glad that she has to go through with this, but it is really nice to have a friend who understands exactly what we are dealing with!

There are 5 or so at the moment in my daughter’s middle school. The school (grades 5-7) has about 1800 kids.


At our school there is only my son Christian, his 5th grade teachers daughter, and this year they said a type 2 7th grader was transfering to our school. Yes, Feb. '06 when Christian was diagnosed the hospital said it was the most they had ever had in one month. There was 3 or 4 the week we were in training for shots.


There are 50 kids in aarons school so he is the only one with diabetes, which at times he feels isolated by as he knows no other kids with diabetes, no local kids group either, which is something i am trying to sort out.


Isabelle is the only one in her pre-school with D. She is the first one that they have had in their program, but is is a small, church based program. I’m guessing they have a little less then 100 students and they aren’t all there on the same days.