I am feeling tingling in the toes on my right foot. I sometime get a “ jolt” maybe once a week. Can this happen on one foot? I get an A1c and see my podiatrist next week. Last year I was 6.3. Nancy50

Hi Nancy. Don’t know what you are dealing with, however neuropathy is almost always bilateral.

That’s what my doctor told me anyway. I had a neuroma in my foot due to some fibroids on my feet, which is also called lederhosen disease if you are interested. People who are both Northern Europeans and diabetic have a higher incidence of it.
Any way I was so sure it was neuropathy, however my doc said only one foot ? I said yes he said it’s not neuropathy.
But then he did all the tests
So maybe it will be a relief to hear. You should still find out what it is.

it is almost always bilateral, but one side can be more impacted that the other.

It’s possible tolhat neuropathy is generally bilateral in the feet, but I know I had it in my right thigh for many years before it hit my feet, so possibly one foot?

Diabetes is not the only source of neuropathy. I had it in my left foot before I was diagnosed, mine was and still is due to injury of nerves in my back. I have neuropathuy in both feet now due diabetes but it is still worse on my left.

Great news after my podiatrist visit. I have arthritis in my foot. I have an elevation on top of the foot right where the nerves go. I am putting pressure on my nerves when I tie my shoe. I stopped wearing my sandles. Wearing a tie shoe that bring the tie higher up on my foot. We are getting diabetic shoes to help . Nancy50

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