Neuropathy come and go

Hi, So glad to find this site through a friend! It is such a help to have others going through the same things and with answers and ideas to help. MAYBE i can be of help to someone else also. Thank you for this great website.I wondered if neuropathy comes and goes. I will have numb fingers and toes for a while then it seems like it goes away for a while. Is there an explanation for this?

Several things could be involved here.

  1. Neuropathy worsens with how high your blood sugars are. Many people have observed that if they stay under 140 mg/dl the pain decreases or goes away. Is your control erratic?

  2. Are you sure your numbness is from diabetes? Disc problems cause numbness too which can sometimes be hard to separate from diabetic neuropathy. Also, trapped nerves caused by swollen tendons can cause this (as in carpal tunnel syndrome or tarsal tunnel syndrome in the feet.)

Hi jenny, Thanks for replying. Yes I do have neoropathy and have seen the ortopedic DR. FOR MY BACK SINCE i HAVE HAD BACK SURGERY IN THE PAST BUT HE SAID IT WAS NOT MY BACK. The dr. did increase the Lyrica and that has helped tremendously! I was walking the floor at night with restless legs. I also have fibromyalgia.Sometimes it is hard to tell what is what.

I have neuropathy in my feet. Some days are better than others. Check into a treatment called anodyne therapy. It is infra red light therapy. My neurologist put me in it and it has been a HUGE help. I have 95% feeling back in my feet and I rarely have days when the pain is bad anymore.