Occlusion Omnipod User

I have had 2 occlusions using my upper leg for the pump in the last week. This one feels sore although I changed it out when the alarm went off. Does anyone know if a) The site can be used ever again, or is there always scar tissue. B) There is quite a lump, at what point do you need to get it checked out i.e.medical attention…as I am not sure if it is infected. I can almost surmise that I am hitting muscle perhaps as not much meat on my legs. I guess the Novorapid went in just subcantaneous and puffed up without actually getting into my system.

That is exactly what we have experienced, the weird thing is that your body will slowly absorbs it, so there might be some unexplained lows. We can not use the upper legs areas, my son’s numbers are wacky and end up with occlusions.

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I sometimes wonder, if I am getting an air bubble in the syringe when I draw the insulin out…then inject the pod, and maybe an air bubble gets in the pump and causes this. Then again, maybe i am being too critical, and I am just hitting a muscle.

I’d put my money on the speculation that you’re hitting muscle.

Thanks rgcainmd…appreciate the response. I believe the area on the leg is settling down today and starting to disipate.