October 31, 2007

This is a date I think I will remember forever. This is the date that I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I know I will remember the month and date, but I will probably forget the year. I have been known to forget or block out memories that are painful for me. I had a heart attack a few years ago and to be honest I do not remember the date. All I can tell you is it was after Thanksgiving and before Christmas the year the St. Louis Rams lost the Super bowl to New England. I guess I view this event (heart attack) a warning sign that I did not pay attention to. Oh sure, I did get "healthy" for a bout a year after the MI. But, when the fear of death went away, so did my "healthy" life style.

I am not going to forget this warning sign. I plan to take it one step, one day, one hour, and one minute at a time to get this under control. With the help of my spirituality, family, and friends, I know that I will succeed!

Way to go! Good to see you listened to the warning signs! And really good to know your feeling better and no that date will stay in your mind forever! I know even the year stayed in mine then 15 years later my oldest daughter was born onthe same day August 10th 1988! It’s all good now! I took the big D on August 10th 1973.

Good Attitude ! It has a lot to do with success. I had an easy diagnosis day to remember. Dec 7, 2001 Exactly 60 years after Pearl Harbor. Yep , in 3 days it will be 6 years . I have been through the medical system more in that time than I had been the 47years before.