Off Topic - SEAMUS :(

My niece and nephew in GA Cameron and Carson lost their 14 year old puppy today, Seamus.

We had many great beach vacations with her as she was always running circles around us when we walked the beach to make sure we were safe. She was a great dog and I will miss her. I saw her a year ago and she was struggling big time, but she still managed to bring me a toy to mess with her.

R.I.P Seamus…14 wonderful years OMG Just breaks my heart. … God Bless

What a beautiful girl. Sweetness & gentleness.

Heartbreaking to lose a beloved friend:(

Im sure Seamus left a part of herself to you and your family. Her happy memories will forever be with you. Its always painful when a family friend bades us goodbye. Seamus is in dog heaven now…

Thanks guys!!

Even sadder today, as my mom talked to my sister and she told her the kids and her husband reacted, crying on the phone to her. :frowning:

Cameron and Carson each have one of her dog tags around their neck. They got off the bus after school and no dad or Seamus to greet them and they walked home and no Seamus, Cameron ran to her room and cried, Carson opened the fridge and cried. :frowning:

Sorry about the dog, Karen. Youre Niece & Nephew are good looking kids.
They look like California Dreaming …
Karen, can you tell me how to send a comment to a member ?

Thanks, Ray

Ray either go directly to the members page and leave them a message or go to your inbox in the right upper corner of this page and send a private message.

Thanks for your post, not only are they cute kids they are fun!!

Thanks, Karen !

So sorry for your loss honey x

Seamus looked like a very beloved member of your family…sorry for your loss.

So sorry for your loss … I know how sometimes a pet is more then a family member but a companion and your buddy as well.