Does this look like t1d for my 6 year old?

Just asking after my 6 year old girl, the dr has done a more thorough blood test but I won’t get the results for a week yet, I was wondering what some of you experts may think!?

Her urine was tested and it had glucose in it, they did not say if low or high amounts, and then the finger prick test was done and it was 9.7. She had a small amount of cereal that morning about 2-3 hours before the prick test on the finger. The dr didnt say too much and just sent me to do the bloods.

She has been wetting the bed and seems to be drinking alot of water, though she has always been quite a thristy girl, so ends up using the toilet so much. But no other symptoms.

Im a little worried hense why im on here asking, i just hate waiting for that other test!

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Her finger prick BG check of 9.7, I assume in mmol/L is about 175 mg/dl in US. Normal range 2-3 hours after meal would be 70-90 in US (4-4.5 mmol/L). so yes, this could be early signs of diabetes.

I was diagnosed at age 5 with similar symptoms, in 1965.

Has she been losing weight or more tired than normal ?

You might consider buying urine glucose strips and test her at home, some before, some after meals. If urine shows negative before meals, it would mean she is still producing insulin, just not enough. Or get home BG testing meter and strips to test before and after meals.

If her symptoms get worse please get medical help asap. Check on line for symptoms of DKA if the doctor did not tell you this.


Thanks we are in NZ not sure if there is any diffeence. Yes i know the symptoms diabetic ketoacidosis, so all okay, no she has not lost weight or extra tired. She has been more tearful though and not so compliant but that could be her age tho!
Her teacher had not noticed her using the toilet too much either.

Thanks so much for your reply :slight_smile:

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Hope all goes well, please let us know.

After I was diagnosed and came home from hospital, my kindergarten teacher stopped over for a visit. At that visit, she mentioned to my mom that I was going every day, sometimes twice. I had half day K, only 4 hours, and most kids never went at all. Great that you had feedback from her teacher.

In hind sight, I think it would have been helpful for my teacher to mention this to my mom. However my mom did get me to the doctor, and I was sent directly to hospital, simply from smelling my breath, and other symptoms my mom reported. I was dehydrated and close to more serious DKA.

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Hi MM1 gosh good you were sent directly to hospital.
The fact her teacher has not noticed her toileting lots is a positive sign for me. She has been happy girl today, and not huge amounts of water and toilet stops. I guess I find it strange she is having sugar in the urine, but her level of 9,7 seems to be in the normal range as the nurse said the normal range was between 4 - 10
Fingers crossed I get the blood results back soon!

Here is link to NZ diabetes info.

9.7 is not normal, especially if 3 hours after a small meal. Hopefully the test was done on a clean finger.

If you can purchase and do some urine or BG testing at home, it would be very helpful in getting correct diagnosis quicker. There are many cases of missed diagnosis in the early stages, that lead to serious complications with DKA.

@Lorraine Any advice?


Thanks, @MM1 for tagging me!

Hi, @love123!

My middle child, Caleb, was diagnosed with type 1 when he was three (he’s now 15). We noticed wetting the bed, constant thirst and only in hindsight did we realize he had lost quite a bit of weight. The first time his blood sugar was checked, it was about 200 after eating a small bit of apple.

We think we caught it fairly early and found that his insulin needs were very very small. His body seemed to still be producing some level of insulin bc his blood sugar would at times correct without adding insulin.

While 179 doesn’t seem like a super alarming number, it is unusual for a non-diabetic. I find it a little concerning that after finding glucose in her urine and then an out of range blood sugar, the course of action is to wait a week. What are the tests specifically for? Caleb’s diagnosis was based on the finger stick and symptoms, and it was treated urgently - “go to the hospital, get admitted, get insulin going.”

@MM1 suggests urine glucose strips, another good idea it to get a blood sugar meter with a small supply of strips. In the US they are readily available, and can be purchased for $20 or less. At a minimum you can test her waking blood sugar.

It’s good to hear she is in good spirits.


Surprises me too. In the old days an A1C could take a week but these days it takes a few minutes–they would have done one, surely? But in the meanwhile, @love123, you definitely want to stay alert to danger signs, particularly nausea or vomiting.

Hi thanks for all your comments, they tested the blood the one that looks over the last 3 months, not sure what is called, anyway I called them up and they did have the results back and the nurse (not dr?) told me they were normal. I didn’t get the actual number though.

The nurse just said sugar in the urine could be the start/beginning of uti, and if im still worried bring her back for a urine test sometime this week. I feel like they not taking it very seriously, im pretty sure sugar in urine has nothing to do with uti.

Today as suggested…im going to buy some urine strips and test her myself to see if sugar still in urine.
Why would the the nurse say anything under 10 is normal, where according to that website it is cause for a little concern.

If I get the strips when is the best time to test urine in the sugar, before and/or after food? And what does it all mean?

I guess the relief is if it were to be diabetes the blood test would not be ‘normal’ but as a mum im still concerned re glucose in urine and the reading of 9.7
Thank you all very much.

And yes im watching her for signs big time for nausea vomiting, tiredness , and her water intake and toileting (which has not been alarming )

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i would call the dr and get the a1c number and yes the 179 is very high for a kid 2 to 3 hours after food and i would find a new dr i am not a doctor but it dose sound like very erly type 1 diabetes and i would look for a endo who will do antibody testing and or c peptide test it tests the amount of insulin she is making

Hi thank you

I called the nurse back and her a1c number was 30, the nurse said that it needs to be under 41 hence why all is okay.

Im feeling confused as I thought if this number is in normal range you cannot have diabetes but you say it could be early t1? Do you think I should go to dr and ask for antibody testing and or c peptide test?

I dont think it is too easy to buy urine strips here as i called 2 pharmacies and they have to order them, i wish i could have my own bg prick blood tester!!

Thanks im finding it quite hard not knowing, or am I just over thinking? !

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yes i think she should have both done as i had a friend who had dka and at diabetes dex her a1c was in the normal range dont want to scare you but batter to be safe then sorry

Okkay yes that does worry me, if a child is in very early stages d1 , roughly how long could they stay in this stage for before more symptoms come up?

Made an appointment

i am not sure it could be days or months or years down the road and thats good that you did that and i hope they understand you and yeah suger in the urine is not that good the body will onley do that if sugers go up to 160 or 180

It is good that you are following up, but keep in mind it could all end up being okay. You just don’t know unless you continue to monitor.

I have two other children and there were a couple of times when I tested their blood sugar and the results were out of normal range. It ended up being nothing.

So it’s great that you are being thorough, but don’t feel like she definitely has diabetes.

Ahh yes Lorraine I have developed into overthinking mode lol but I have chosen to slow down and not do that now :slight_smile:
Most likely she had a small amount of sugar in urine because her level was 9.7, quite possibly it was that level for no real reason. And her toileting and drinking water isnt huge amounts that is really scary…Her a1c level is great!
The dr obviously has no huge serious concerns for now, so I will follow that line of thought.
Im glad I can just be aware of symptoms for now and do another urine and bg this week.
Thanks very much.

This sounds odd. I thought high BGs were common CAUSE/contribute to UTIs, not the other way around. It is more common for people with diabetes to have UTIs.

I would take your daughter back in for BG and urine test, and if possible, do so within 1-2 hours since high carb meal/juice. If urine has sugar, request test for UTI if possible to rule out.

Her A1C (30 => 5.2 in US) is in the middle-higher end of the non-diabetic range. (5.7 is pre diabetes.) But this would be expected if her pancreas is still partially functioning, gradually declining.

A1C measures average of last 3 months, and her pancreas may be declining over time. This is why checking for current trends of BGs or urine after meals is most accurate to determine if pancreas is functioning normally NOW. There can be months or more where it gradually declines. Seeing an Pediatric Endo would probably be best if possible.

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Thanks MM1
Yes does sound odd.
Tomorrow hopefully her urine has no sugar and prick-test is of normal range!! So after 2 hours of a carby breakfast we will be going to see the dr, a good number would be under 7 right?
Thanks for all your support everyone :slight_smile:
Will let you know how we get on tomorrow :slight_smile:

She is still her happy well self :slight_smile:

There was no sugar in her urine, just small traces of leucocytes. Her bg was 5.5, so feeling relieved. The dr said everything is fine. Thanks for all the support and information
Bless you all on your journeys with t1d with the children, i think you are all superstars dealing with numbers, tests, carbs, sugars and all the million other things, just amazing.


Great news! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: