Baby Mateo Luiz Alejo was born 5/1 @12:04am, 7lbs 6 oz, 20in, after 2 days of inducement & only dilating to a 9 I had to have a c section, later to find out i wouldn’t have been able to have him vaginally cuz my pelvis is too small , So Im in a lot of pain from the surgery so lucky to have such wonderful help and a wonderful amazing husband.

CONGRATULATIONS!! Such a cutie!!!
Sorry you’re in so much pain following up, but glad you have support so you can take care of yourself and that precious little one.

my labor and delivery video :

Saw my baby today for the first time!!! Also got a corrected due date-Dec 26th!! We’re excited :smiley:

I’m 7 weeks pregnant and I just gave myself a bolus for some food. Half way through the meal my stomach turned and I can’t finish the food. It was rice and curry and the rice is mixed in with the curry and I have no idea how much I’ve eaten but I can’t eat any more or I’ll be sick. Any advice? Please?!

Can you drink some regular (not diet) ginger ale or juice to cover the carbs? Perhaps just sip by sip to keep your blood sugar from dropping.

thanks Kristin-I took a short break and slowly managed to eat the rest of the rice. I will keep your tip in mind next time!

Ok I am just very excited to share. After finally being put on metformin (I begged for over a year with my old endo) it appears I have resumed ovulation. I miscarried April 17 and started metformin May 2. I appear to be ovulating today and previously I needed clomid so I am VERY excited!!!

congrats mhynes!! Happy to hear! Metformin helps to cure PCOS. I wish you the best of luck!

Well, I think insulin resistance might be rearing it’s ugly head…ugh. :frowning: I knew to expect it, but after an entire afternoon and evening of running in the 200s and upper 100s, I just want to cry!

I’ve went through that a bit last week Christina, it sucks :frowning: things will get better though, it will all settle down and you’ll feel a lot better!

Well today it seems to have gone away, so maybe it was just a freak day. Sure is frustrating though!! I was also noticing that my insulin pump tubing looked “dirty” - not sure if that had anything to do with it, because I changed it and my numbers still stayed elevated for several hours afterwards.

I am not a type 1 but have a good friend who is type 1 and just had a baby 12 days ago. She is looking for advice on breastfeeding. She is having major bg lows just after breastfeeding and wants advice from other moms who have successfully breastfed. I suggested talking with her endo about lowering her insulin needs, checking bg before nursing and having snacks that bring up her lows but also have protein to keep her levels up. (I am a mom and a spouse of Type 1’s - so I am pretty knowledgeable - but not so sure about the post pregnancy hormonal and bg changes)

Hey ladies n gentleman who might be looking for info.
Well I am now just a lil under 6 months,I can’t believe how fast its
all going.
As some of u might know being diabetic equals more scan n checks
so I had my 3rd scan they checked everything n all is well,baby growing well.
Was getting crazy fasting bgs but now seem to have gone from highs to hypos but hope to sort that out asap.Was worried about my eyes as they seemed to have become blurry but got a quick check n its all well also have another appointment with the big eye hospital on friday so making prayers that I get the same information.
Any1 who could give me a few home truths or words of wisdom more then welcome to drop me a comment.
Osob xxxx

Hi Ladies
I don’t know if any of you shop on etsy.com, but I recently discovered this shop:
This lady makes beautiful maternity t-shirts. I asked her to make a custom t-shirt for me because I’m pretty proud of the fact that I’m a diabetic mama and working my butt off to keep my little baby healthy :slight_smile: If you contact her in her shop she told me that she will set up custom orders for the same t-shirt if you’d like to get one. She makes them in long sleeves and short sleeves.

19 weeks pregnant

18 weeks today! Saw my boys’ boybits at the u/s today, and for the first time, I could actually recognize them. At the earlier ones, I was just trusting the techs and Dr when they pointed to squiggles and lines. :slight_smile: I’ve reached the half-baked point for twins, so yay!

21 weeks … ITS A GIRL

Need to vent - no need for anyone to respond, I just want to get this out of my system!

My Husband and I have been remodeling our kitchen for the past 6 weeks (we are crazy, thank you) and as of today it is supposed to be complete - and is. The sink and dishwasher - the last two remaining parts - are hooked up and working. YAY! No more take-out! I can cook to satisfy my cravings and choose more healthy options, and get on a regular food schedule again, just in time for serious insulin resistance to hit (I’m 30 weeks and it has started in the past week or so)!
Yesterday our brand-new fridge decided to stop working. It’s a fancy one with the temps on the outside door so we watched in wonder as the numbers crawled up to 50+ degrees F. Called the manufacturer, it’s under warranty, but will be FRIDAY before they can come out and do anything about it!!
All I want is a home-cooked meal! And I know I can still have that in general, but without a fridge going to get the groceries we need for just the next day or so will be just like eating out! ARGH!!!

OK, pity-party over. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. Somehow I knew you ladies would understand. :slight_smile: