My ttc+diabetes and my diabetic and pregnant journey update

Hey everyone just wanted to stop and give everyone an update to where im at. This year has been a journey let me tell you. ..

When I was pregnant the first time the doctor recommended me to a program called Sweet Success its a program for diabetic women who are pregnant. At that time my a1c was 8.5 The day before my appointment i had a miscarriage at around 10 weeks. So i had to cancel the appointment but when I called they told me that also have a program called Preconception consulting a program for diabetic women who want to get pregnant. I went to my first appointment it was 3 hours long and i met with a team of diabetic professionals, They reviewed my bl number and set up a meal guide and helped me with a plan to get my numbers right so i can get the green light to try to have a baby again.

I went to the apointments and within 2 months around june my a1c already dropped to 5.7 so i got the green light to try again within 2 months i found out i was pregnant!! I was so excited! This time i scheduled an apt with a high risk doctor that the sweet success team recommended.He is great! My second apt the doctor told me my a1c was 4.8!! I couldnt believe how great Im doing! So here I am now 20 weeks today! 5 months i cant believe it! I found out the other day that Im going to be having a little boy! I couldnt be more happier.

This whole time i was trying ttc and then the miscarriage and then ttc i would watch youtube videos of other women and their journey, I only came across one women who was type 1 and pregnant ( )she gave me so much hope. Cuz people would tell me diabetics cant get pregnant, or that its too dangerous. I watched hundreds of women and their pregnancy but only found one diabetic type 1 not type 2 like me. Even though im kinda shy i thought it would be a good idea for me to share my diabetic and pregnant journey with other people hoping that there was other women out there like me searching for comfort.

One girl wrote me"i am glad i found your videos im type 2 diabetic, and i have been having similar problems, my due date is may 1st im currently 11 1/2 weeks. My doctor still has me on diabetic pills, i will talk to him about insulin, i researched and they say its safer. Thanks for the videos." she wrote that on my first vlog it made me so happy that i was able to reach out to a fellow diabetic!

I was so shy at first and felt dumb talkin to a camera but i told my husband and mom that there is hardly any youtube pregnancy journeys from diabetics and i wanted to document the differences of being pregnant and diabetic. if u watch my first video and then my latest one u can see a huge difference . im more used to the camera and comfortable talkin into it cuz i feel like im having a conversation with my viewers and my tudiabetes friends. After I have the baby i want to put all the videos on to a dvd and keep it as a memento. i just pray that the morning sickness goes away but then again it makes me happy in a weird way cuz i feel like if i have morning sickness that my pregnancy is strong.

If you want to follow along on my journey you can do so here :

I upload a new video every week describing the previous week of my pregnancy. I answer all and any questions and am completely open with my experiences. Thank you to all the ladies on Oh! BABY!!

21 weeks today! so here is the update im still experiencing hypoglycemia in the afternoons, so im trying to snack more in the afternoons, im having heartburn, headaches, morning sickness was gone all week and this morning it was back! ugh, also my breasts are leaking a little. just uploaded my 20 week vlog. Hoping everyones pregnancy is going great!

22 weeks today!! seen the baby move for the first time this morning!!!

23 weeks today!! So havent had really any lows maybe the snack of half an apple and pb is doing the trick! If you dont know we decided on the name Mateo Luis Alejo :slight_smile: Still exhausted, waking up with my legs aching… any ideas why? heard it was the increase of the blood flow to the uterus. No real cravings except fruit which is a good thing! I feel him move all the time and its sooo comforting!! Baby dust to all who are ttc and those who are pregnant congrats on another week!

so 24 weeks today!! its soo exciting had a doc apt today got to hear Mateo’s little heartbeat nothing sounds more beautiful!!! :slight_smile: SO symptoms this past week… nausea, morning sickness is back… heartburn!! and just have been really tired, I am feeling him move all the time and seeing him move more and more!!! crazy!

25 weeks 2 days :slight_smile: had a doctors apt got to hear babies heartbeat nice and strong. His kicks are getting stronger i kno he is getting bigger i can feel him so much more now :slight_smile:

26 weeks 1 day today!!! i think the heartburn medicine has helped my morning sickness and that nasty bile i have been throwing up. We finally ordered the nursery furniture im soo excited i cant wait to set up his nursery!

hey guys im 27 weeks today!!! I cant believe one more week and im in my third trimester !!! So this past week I have experienced achy legs @ night , i asked the doctor today at my apt and he said to eat a banana it should help. As for the diabetes side I have been having numerous lows. I eat and snack more and still having lows. Im getting frustrated so sugar pills are my best friend these days. I went to my sweet success apt they said to snack more i need carby snacks any suggestions? Also i lost 2 pounds but they said its fine

28 weeks pregnant today so I am officially in my 3rd trimester! Crazy im 7 months pregnant!! I felt him hiccup for the first time last Saturday and again the other day. Still having lows even though im snackin and eatin more.He is getting even stronger and bigger cuz i feel the kicks so much stronger. Leg aches have went away thanks to low dose Tylenol and bananas:)

29 weeks today! I cant believe it! I had another doctor apt everything is going well! He said i should be starting the stress tests soon. Finally the crib came in. so thats set up so is the bedding! nursery is almost done!!! got a whole bunch clothes.

How exciting! Congrats!! How have you been feeling? What is your daily meal/exercise plan like?
What have your insulin needs been or increased to through out the pregnancy?
I am currently TTC again since diagnosis and am trying to educate myself more on pregnancy with diabetes.

Thanks! I am Starting to feel more tired and huge lol , Still i have only gained a total of 8 pounds which im really proud of! :slight_smile: For breakfast I usually have scrambled eggs with veggies and toast, or an omelet with toast, or some yogurt granola and fruit, for lunch maybe half a sandwich or salad, snacks are half an apple with peanut butter, or a small banana, or yogurt with granola and fruit or a small smoothie, or nuts, dinner is some meat,usually chicken, a salad or veggies and one small carb portion. Usually i walk at least 20 mins or do 20 mins to 30 mins of cardio, and I also walk around and take the stairs while im @ work, but lately since I have been having hypoglycemia before dinner I have stopped the cardio and just walk more. Before i was pregnant I was on humalin 70/30 15 units in the am and 15 units in the evening, when i got pregnant they put me on 10 units of humulin n in the am and 10 in the pm and 8 units of fast acting insulin (humalog) with each meal. Since my blood sugar has been low They gave me an insulin algorithm to adjust my doses when my blood sugar is low before I eat. I seriously recommend the program Sweet success , they are an awesome team of diabetic educators! And babydust to u! :slight_smile: If you have any questions feel free to ask ,

Thanks for the reply and advice! I prob need that babydust lol we tried for 2 years before they found my diabetes and I am just now considering starting to try again (just started insulin 4 weeks ago, diagnosed last year and just rediagnosed as LADA) 8 lbs is awesome!!

so today I am 30 weeks ! I cant believe it 30 weeks! I am soo Happy!!! so less than 10 weeks left, i lost a lb so sooo far the weight gain is only 7 lbs. And since i was so having soo many lows they cut all my insulin doses in half! , nursery is just about finished , im editing and uploading my week 29 video today! :slight_smile: babydust to all

31 wks today! can u believe i got carpal tunnel from pregnancy!

Wow, I just saw that you only gained 7 pounds!! I have gained about 10-12 at week 23. What did your doctor tell you about weight gain?

I had a lot of morning sickness from when i found out till like week 26 till i got hearburn med that was the only thing that helped the stomach bile. they said its fine cuz im measuring good they think since im strict on my diet im just losing weight from the rest of my body. And they said besides the last month is were u gain more so they are not worried

Great! Hope that you are feeling better.

how is ur pregnancy going? have you picked out a name for him?

I’m doing well! 23 weeks along and my insulin needs are finally increasing pretty rapidly. So I’m seeing numbers that are a bit higher, but we are increasing my insulin to keep up. He is really active these days and I’m enjoying that! In some ways, the time is flying by – in other ways, June still feels far away!