PS - Congrats Jamie! How exciting! Is this your first?

Rebecca – that would frustrate me to no end!! I can totally sympathize. During pregnancy, I tried to eat at home all the time. It was certainly easier to control there!

Thank you yes this is my first I’m so excitied… Congradulations to you your so close now I’m sorry about your fridge that would frustrate me also.

Just had the 9 week ultrasound and baby measured perfectly! Heartbeat was right where it should be and the feet were moving like crazy! Sometimes it all leaves me speechless :slight_smile:

23 weeks pregnant :slight_smile:

24 weeks pregnant

7 weeks… craving everything unhealthy under the sun… Cheetos, Doritos, fried chicken, pizza, Subway Spicy Italian, cheeseburgers, Chinese (fried stuff only, please)…dang it sure does suck wanting so much stuff that I shouldn’t be eating. Ok - that’s all. Thanks :slight_smile:

Fighting a massive battle of keeping my numbers down but also feeling knackered most of the time, lack of sleep its not easy being diabetic,pregnant and aneamic.
Doing my best for the baby n me but it is hardwork just counting down the weeks but love feeling the baby moving around in my stomach and seeing it get stronger and stronger.Not long left now so must get off my a** and get shopping,(excited)lol
Pray everyone is doing well.xxxx

A1C 5.8. Dr. would prefer it around 5.2 but I’m pretty happy with it for now, will keep working chipping away at that A1C, it’s the best it’s ever been however :slight_smile:

was told today that I’m at risk for preterm labour because of the cramping I’ve been having (20 weeks). The main culprit? Not drinking enough water! I’ve been guzzling the stuff down all day. I’ve always been bad for drinking water but had no idea that dehydration could be so dangerous during pregnancy. Lesson learned!

Oh goodness Sharon! I hope the water guzzling continues so you can keep baby healthy!

echo cardiogram looked good today-yay!

First tri screening today went very well! And the OB confirmed that I can wear the pump throughout delivery :slight_smile:

Holy Sharon I have never had an A1c that low!! My Ob-Gyn was really impressed that I have mine down to 6.8!! I don’t know how you guys get such low levels?! I am working my butt off and being on the pump has made the world of difference so am hoping this pregnancy will maybe not end with such an early delivery (went at 35 weeks last time - at 16 weeks now)

My last A1C, which was about 6 weeks ago, was 4.8. It was my lowest ever and my first A1C on the pump. My OB said I should earn a free visit for that! :slight_smile: I am heading into the start of my 27th week. My insulin needs rose a good bit around week 23, so I think the average might have risen a bit with my learning how to judge my needs in these new weeks, but overall I had had a pretty easy time of things. In fact, I feel as though I have been much less strict with my carbs and diet due to pregnancy. I just hope I can return to my old ways post baby! :slight_smile:

I think our bodies are all just different and it’s really hard to account for why one person gets one a1c and another gets an entirely different level despite both ppl working their butts off. Also as a type1 the A1C is great but the real indicator of how well you’re doing is by your daily readings. I have plenty of high BG levels and also some lows which can balance the out. I’m delighted to have and A1C of 5.8 but I know that I still need to work on my daily BG readings. 6.8 is great-I spent the first part of my pregnancy comparing myself to other ppl who seemed to have way better control than me but since then I’ve changed my perspective. I’m happy that our baby is healthy and I’m working my butt off to keep it that way, that’s all we can do :slight_smile:

Feeling like a failure guys just can’t do anymore then I already am doing
but yesterday was informed that the baby is large and would have to come out
early then planned. I am nearly 33 weeks so they said after two weeks they will
make the final decision,my numbers r higher then they was at the start and iam taking
a lot more insulin ratios have gone up but it does not seem to do anything.
Now I got metformin to take on top of everything else,being aneamic is not helping
with numbers either.
Still praying n hoping for the best even though I feel very down.

It is really hard Osob but know you have done everything you can and you have doctors who know what they are doing to look after you. I delivered my son at 35 weeks (my waters broke early) and he was already 8lb as my control wasn’t that great in my first pregnancy. He was actually pretty close to fine even that early - had some jaundice and the usual IV to adjust his sugars but other than that no issues. Your Docs will make sure that they pick the safest time for you and baby if they have to induce you early or plan a c-section. I had prayed to have a vaginal delivery and the only reason I got one is because he came so early - my Doc informed me he was already planning a c-section due to his size. There is power in prayer so keep your hopes up and your communication open with your Docs. Let us know how you are doing.

Osob I delivered my daughter at 34 weeks. She was 4.5 lbs and a healthy little fighter. Orginally was to be in nicu for 6 weeks, was out in 6 days.

Nausea is always a good sign super sally. I can understand how frustrating things must be for you right now though. Your numbers sound great though!