Oh Happy Day!

I had a fantastic day today!

a.) I got a job!! I’ll be working in a phone center for Sprint. Yay! I start Monday and will be in training from 5am-1:30pm M-F. Ouch, right? The other option was 2-10pm. I’d rather get up early, then never see my husband. It’ll be 90-days before I can get benefits, but I’m just happy to be bringing in moola!

b.) My blood sugar got down to 110 today! (this is kind of a big deal for me) I’ve just recently changed from pump therapy to insulin injections and it’s been rough. In the past two days I haven’t been able to get my sugar below 200. But yay! 110!

c.) I got my super sweet One Touch Ultra Mini from the diabetes hands foundation from the word on your hand photo contest! Yay! It’s so cute and small, and ULTRA! =) Thank you Manny!


Very happy for you Katherine.Good luck.I will wake you up very early.Take sunrise pictures please,all photos are for sun rise.I am a dawn person.

Hoorah! Hoorah! Hoorah!

Congrats on the job!! What a relief…

Hope that the injections continue to work out! You will likely need to adjust to the new schedule. But that’s doable!

Let us know how it goes!!!