Great First Day on Job

Well today was my first day of my part time job. I talked to my boss and told him I was diabetic and he is VERY accomadating. I have a locker and he is letting me keep diabetic supplies there. I have a couple things of small juice, glucose pen, glucose gel, glucose tablets, some hard candy, and a sharps container with syringes, as well as my inhaler for my asthma. LOL I have a small pharmacy in my gym locker now. And he is also letting me put insulin in the employee fridge. I also ordered a second meter today from one touch so that I can keep that at work as well. I am up there 5 days a week working out as well as working there, so it would be easier on me. WIsh everyone had a boss like I have.

Cody! That is so AWESOME!
I’m glad your boss is cool!
P.S. Keep those grades up!!!
hee hee!

Sounds like he’s a great man!!! I swear Cody you don’t even look like your old enough to even work in your pic!

I get that a lot. I get carded all the time.

I never got that one till I was like 35 and they carded me for a pack of cigs… I could have kissed the woman!!! HA! Unforchantly (but forchantly to me at the time I thought) I got into a bar andsreved at 14. Now I wish I looked younger!!! HA! But at that time here in TN the leagle drinking age was 18! HA!


That’s so cool - he sounds like a really supportive boss!