Oh The Problems that We run into

I called my medical supplier last night to Refill on my pump supplies Mio's and Reservoirs and was informed that now mt Medicaid Only covers a 30 day supply of each I didn't say anything to the customer service lady because it's not her fault but today I will be calling the insurance and asking them if they take into consideration that not everyone lives close to the medical supplier hints me who lives 5 1/2 hrs away what are we suppose to do if in that 30 days we A.) have a bad site B.) Insulin goes bad and have to do a complete site Change I really wish there was a more Diabetic Friendly Insurance out there I mean really though before this 30 day limit was put into play I would get 3 boxes of each and prior to that it was 4 of each I am now in a panic because I don't have that breathing room anymore and they also have a list of test strips the would prefer us to use well I am sorry but I am not the one who bought the meter it came with my pump if you don't like it take it up with Medtronic these Stupid PA (Prior Authorizations) that the Pharmacies and medical suppliers have to go through everytime my endo or Dr writes me a scrips is a little annoying thank god though that they do not sent me home empty handed because Mainecare as you call it would be in the court room by now and I mean really you would think that the board of Doctors who put these "rules" into play would know better but sometimes they act like a bunch of dummies you are playing with people lives here stop being so stingy.

I,m with you Stephanie
They are so careless

Question are you on Medicaid or medicare and what insurance companies . Confusing post

I found a trick around this. you let them know that you have to change every 2 days because of heat or cold, or whatever. then per month they have to supply 15 sets not 10. even if you only do it for a month, that is 5 extra to keep on hand. also being on medicaid,(I am) have your doctor say that your basal and bolus rates are such and such, then the pharmacy has to supply so many bottles.
I know I am not in your state, but these tricks work here. I call it lying for health. The Medicaid here is also once a month.

Your mistake is in thinking that a board of Doctors puts these rules in place.
It's actuaries that are to blame. Well, them, politicians and other bureaucrats.