Pump Supplies!

I was so happy when my pump arrived 2 weeks ago. Then the a stupid game set in of who was going pay for the supplies - double covered insurance. You would think they’d never heard of pump supplies - one was sure their pharmacy vendor carried them. Then one thought the MiniMed stuff would fit an Animas pump. Referrals and more Endo scripts, poor doctor, utilzation management nurses, then they had to decide if there was one preferred DME company. Then one advocate said she was going vaction till mid Aug. On and On the saga continues. What if this had been a real emergency!! So there my pump sits in its nice cute box awaiting training which can’t begin till I have supplies. It was so much fighting to get the pump and now this!!
I say a little prayer that this is only because its my first time getting supplies!!

How annoying! Hope that they resolve this soon so you can start pumping!!!

medtronics sent my pump with three months of supplies, I recently switched insurance so I had to call the new company and see where I could order my supplies, first the lady on phone did not even know what an infusion set was, then she told me cvs pharmacy carried them over the counter, then she gave me the number of a medical supplier that only carries respitory supplies, I got so frustrated that I called medtronics and gave them my insurance info and they handled the rest, it can be very annoying when UNEDUCATED people at insurance companys try and tell you wrong information that you know is wrong but have to prove it o them, so I feel your pain, good luck and try medtronics directly, they know there stuff, all it took was one phone call, and they do the looking on how to get you your supplies

Does your secondary insurance have a coordination of benefits department? How this has worked for me when I had two insurance companies is the first one set the rules, like who you could buy from and the second paid anything the first didn’t. I still ended up paying more copays for some reason but the suppliers never complained. The suppliers actually worried about who paid the check not me.