Ok, so here's a little about me:

hey, whats up?? my name is brandi, call me anything you want. i already have a ton of nick-names such as cricket, brandi boo, boo bear, ect. im a type 1 diabetic and im on the pump. i have a blue deltec cozmo that i actually named bubbles. lol yeah im weird. im kinda havin problems logging my bs levels…anyone wanna help me?? ive been struggling for a while now…maybe 2 years. even though ive been diabetic for 5 years, im still struggling. call me crazy. im still overwhelmed. but anyway im christian, so i just keep praying. i have 1 brother who is 16, his name is chad. he’s currently on a missions trip in atlanta georgia at a church called rescue atlanta. i also have 8 cousins on my dads side and 5 on my moms. when all the ones on my dads side get together, its called a pkr (paul kid reunion.) and my cousins are amazing! only 3 paul kids live near me, one of which is my favorite. her name is krista. she’s a twin, her twin is krispopher. they have 1 younger brother, kody (tho only paul kid younger than me, so im the youngest girl) who is fixing to teach me guitar. im so excited! im getting an acoustic saturday!
well, im goin to bed now cuz its almost 11, lol