OK-So Let the Nervousness Begin

Tomorrow we will be heading the clinic for my report card–I mean Adyson’s diabetes check-up. Her doctor, CDE, and PA are all really kind and knowledgeable and always make us feel good about our diabetes management and care of Ady but I always worry about it before we go. Honestly, probably because I know we could do better. We could more carefully count her carbs. We could check her blood sugar more often. We could use her cgm more than we do–even though it does not agree with her playing basketball which is her sport right now. All these concerns are running through my head , along with the thoughts of she is a teenager and she loves basketball and she needs her independence. It’s a careful balance no doubt about it.

A couple of other thoughts…

Adyson’s facebook status from Saturday: “I’m going to a Halloween party for diabetics! How’s that for irony?” The girl is funny!!

We are seeing the PA tomorrow. She is really good at her job and always has great suggestions but she is really LOUD. I can hear everything she is saying when she is in the room next to ours…and I’m not crazy about the idea that everyone around us can hear everything she is saying in our room…hmmm…can I tactfully address this issue? I think not. I’ll just smile and nod.



Wishing Ady (& her wonderful mom) a great report! Fabulous to have a supportive CDE & PA. Love the healthcare helpers who are positive & encouraging.

We could all do better counting carbs, testing more & all the rest. Hey, we’re only human, right?

Good luck for a great report x